10 Business Laws Learnt From Prostitutes: (Performance and Excellence)


Prostitution is immoral and I am definitely not condoning its practice but all I want you to do is to open your mind and you will be shocked at the business trade secrets you can learn from prostitutes. This is a continuation of the series.
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5 & 6) Proper Packaging and Effective Advertising
7 & 8) Perfect Timing and Aggressive Marketing

9. PROMISE OF PERFORMANCE: Prostitutes have a way of promising and delivering on their promises. If a prostitute tells you to pay for “all night” as they call it, then she knows that she is bound by her words to deliver an all night service. She can’t say she’s tired and wants to sleep when her customer paid for an all night service. If a prostitute makes promises like “We will have mad sex all night. It will be ecstatic and it will be so good you won’t be able to stop till morning”, she is bound to deliver on all those promises lest she looses customers.
In business, you need to put the end picture before you from the start. Every business needs to first of all define what their promise of performance is, then move to the starting line to fulfill it. If your business promises good hair, then make sure you never compromise on the standards of the type of hair you deliver. If your business promises delicious cakes then make sure your cakes always look more expensive than they are.
Make sure you don’t promise what you can’t deliver for it is better under-promise and over deliver than over-promise and under deliver.
As soon as you promise performance and you deliver with a plum, you have automatically won something that money cannot buy which is the goodwill of the customer and this goodwill can be a marketing tool you didn’t even pay for.

10. EXCELLENCE: Excellence can be defined as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. I like to define it as doing things that are common in ways that are uncommon, or getting ordinary things done in extraordinary ways. Excellence is the watch word of an experienced older prostitute.
The profession of a prostitute is the only career in which the maximum income is paid to the newest apprentice. The older a prostitute gets, the lower the income she can derive from her body. An older experienced prostitute is well aware that she cannot compete with the beauty, flair and youth of younger less experienced prostitutes. So she uses excellence in service delivery to make up for her age. If she has a room that men come to sleep with her in, she could make the bed special, make the bed spread more colourful, make her room smell nicer than others. She could even go as far as putting a fridge in her room with drinks for her clients. When she sleeps with the man, she does the ordinary things she used to do in extraordinary ways this time around to keep her clients coming back for more.
Intellect can get you a break but you need excellence to keep it on. In business, excellence will take you places, excellence will open doors for you, excellence will give your products and services the extra pinache.
The quickest way to expanding your business is by delivering ordinary products or services in extra ordinary ways. For example, you are into make up so you make up the bride and her associates (you guys call them brides maids..lol). You made them up so well that people can’t stop admiring their stunning looks. They ask them “please who made you up?, I’ll love them to make my friend up on her wedding day or her event”. Guess who gets the contract? YOU. Charles Gore said “You might not have the privilege of doing extraordinary things but please do the ordinary things extraordinarily well”. Go the extra mile for your clients and they won’t mind going the extra mile to reach you. If you give your clients what they can’t easily get elsewhere, they will keep coming back for more.


The Prostitutes’ Approach To Business by Albert Femi Oduwole

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