10 Business Laws Learnt From Prostitutes: (Packaging and Advertisement)


Prostitution is immoral and I am definitely not condoning its practice but all I want you to do is to open your mind and you will be shocked at the business trade secrets you can learn from prostitutes. This is a continuation of the series.
Read the first 4 business laws;
1 & 2) Determined Drive and Confident Approach
3 & 4) Targeting and Territorial Claim

5. PROPER PACKAGING: There are prostitutes and there are prostitutes. Even prostitution has levels. Go to some remote places like villages and some parts of Lagos and you will find prostitutes that collect as little as N200 for a sexual transaction. But take these same girls, wash them up, clean them up, tush up their grammar and attitude, dress and scent them up and transfer them to the Island or high class places in Abuja and their value will change from N200 prostitute (ashawo) to a N100,000 prostitute (runs girl). The difference between an ashawo and a runs girl is packaging.
The difference between a local business and an international business is packaging. The problem we have business wise is the way we package our products and services. Most people package their business for where they are and not where they desire to be.
A wise man once said “you can start small but don’t think small”. When packaging your products and services, think like the runs girl and not the ashawo. Make your products appear world class not local class. The little things like the bags you use in packaging your products, the speed of delivery, the friendly non-confrontational way you address customer complaints mark the difference between an international brand and a local brand. People see who you are before they hear from you and you have only one opportunity to make the first impression.
Customers judge the product by the container before they encounter the product.
In Nigeria we love to say the difference between ‘ipekere’ (local chips) and plaintain chips is packaging. The difference between Sango and Thor is packaging. The difference between ashawo and runs girl is packaging.
The difference between a local business and reputable business is packaging.

6. EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING: The prostitute neither advertises the benefit to herself nor the cost to her prospective client, she only advertises the memories. When you see a smart prostitute, she never tells you how much its gonna cost you first or how much she likes sex. She’s going to plant the seed of excitement in your mind by telling you all the pleasures you could derive by sleeping with her. You will hear her say things like “I’ll make you forget your name, I’ll take you to Heaven and back, I’ll give you pleasures you only imagined”. A man selling without advertising is like a man winking in the dark, he knows he is doing something but no one else knows.
I used to wonder why Coca Cola still has to advertize because I assumed even without adverts, people will automatically choose Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Eva Water over their competitors in the market. But I’ll shock you with the fact that Coca Cola Company spends more than $2.5 billion in advertisement. Have you also noticed that big brands don’t advertise just their products, they advertise a feeling you can be derived by using their products. Kodak Films advertises memories with their slogan “A Kodak moment”. Coca Cola advertises happiness with their slogan “open happiness”, Sterling Bank advertises uniqueness with their slogan “your one customer bank” and Fidelity Bank advertises fidelity with their slogan “we are fidelity, we keep our word”. This is called effective advertisement.
Advertising says to people, this is what I have, this is its benefit to you and here is how you get it. Advertising focuses on the customer and no one else. Adverts doesn’t only mean TV adverts, radio jingles etc. Advertising could be giving your products at subsidized rates or free to a celebrity to wear them to a function and help you talk about it.
It could be promising free gifts to anyone that can get you a customer or two customers. All these are advertisement ideas, look for what works for you and implement it. A wise man once said “a man that doesn’t spend on advertisement to save money is like a man that’s stops the clock to save time”. Don’t be the type of man that stops the clock to save time. Spend advertising your products and services and watch your business soar.


7 & 8) Perfect Timing and Aggressive Marketing
9 & 10) Performance and Excellence


The Prostitutes’ Approach To Business by Albert Femi Oduwole

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