10 Business Laws Learnt From Prostitutes: (Targeting and Territory)


Prostitution is immoral and I am definitely not condoning its practice but all I want you to do is to open your mind and you will be shocked at the business trade secrets you can learn from prostitutes. This is a continuation of the series.
Read the first 2 business laws;
1 & 2) Determined Drive and Confident Approach

3. TARGETING: During my youth service days in Bayelsa State, there was this place called Hospital Road in Yenegoa where Bayelsa based prostitutes had their head quarters. I was passing that route home one of those days when I saw flashy cars pass by and girls rush out to get the attention of the men in these cars. I also noticed that men that walked by didn’t get as much attention as the men in the cars. It showed me that even prostitutes are smart enough to know that men pass men, money pass money. This is the power of targeting. Prostitutes have a knack sense of knowing the right places to be (places like functions, events, birthday parties, governorship programs) in order to get the type of men they desire to offer their services. What is your target? Who do you offer your good and services to? Because your target determines your location, your packaging and your presentation.
There are 4 types of customers in business according Fela Durotoye namely;

A. Can’t Afford and Not Willing To Buy: These are people that can’t afford the product and services you offer and are not willing to buy. Don’t waste your time with such people because they are time wasters. They will price and price and not buy anything.
B. Can’t Afford and Willing To Buy: These are people that can’t afford but are willing to buy. These are people that always want to buy on credit to pay back later or pay cheaper than the product or service is worth. For these people give them a discount or part payment (make sure the amount you collect is enough to keep you going should they fail to pay up the rest)
C. Can Afford and Not Willing To Buy: These are people that can afford your products and services but are not willing to buy. These once feel your products and services are not up to their standards. These are people you market, pursue, convince to give you a try and when they eventually do, make sure you render the greatest services to them.
D. Can Afford and Willing To Buy: These are people that can afford and are also willing to buy. These are customers buy not because they need it but because its a habit and there is money to spend. These are you biggest marketers. Make sure you demand at least three contacts from them. For example, you supply her lingerie, ask her for contacts of hers that would want lingerie like she does.
Most businesses are fond of targeting the wrong people. They stick with friends and family who will always under value your products, take things on credit and always owe you. Target the right people.

4. TERRITORIAL CLAIM: I remember visiting my cousin in Abuja and while on our night tour of the streets of the city, I came across places known to be prostitute spots where they are known to reside and transact their business. I was informed that a Government crack down on them made most of them flee from the area but most still hung around such areas waiting for customers to pick them up. No government names a street or corner after prostitutes but when you get to any notable town you hear of the red light district where prostitutes work. In Nigeria, such places include Viviana and Orbalende in Kaduna, Angle 90 in Ibadan, Palm grove in Warri, major night clubs and strip clubs in Victoria Island, Hospital road in Yenegoa. This is what I call territorial conquest.
Every business man must locate his territory and work on conquering it. If you run a laundry business then dream of having the best laundry business in your country. But as we all know we first start small by conquering the laundry business in your street, then expand to your city, then expand to your state. From the start of your business, set territorial conquest goals among others i.e from your street, to your city, to your state etc. It pays to have a global vision, don’t die a local champion.


5 & 6) Proper Packaging and Effective Advertising
7 & 8) Perfect Timing and Aggressive Marketing
9 & 10) Performance and Excellence


The Prostitutes’ Approach To Business by Albert Femi Oduwole

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