10 Business Laws Learnt From Prostitutes: (Drive and Confidence)


I have realized that we can learn more from people we consider menace to the society than they can learn from us. The armed robbers, the prostitutes, the ‘area boys’, the yahoo boys. All these people have so much potential but have invested their mind and value into wrong, immoral and illegal practices. A great man once said “a wise man learns more from a fool than a fool learns from a wise man”. In that same vein, a business executive can learn more from the prostitute’s approach to business than the prostitute will ever learn from the business executive. Prostitution is immoral and I am definitely not condoning its practice but all I want you to do is to open your mind and you will be shocked at the business trade secrets you can learn from prostitutes.
Prostitutes are women that sell their bodies for money by sleeping with men who in turn pay for their services. The prostitute’s business is the world’s oldest business. This is a business that most often goes without complimentary cards, bill boards, paper adverts, banners; yet keeps on thriving. Moliere said “Business is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for money.”

So in what ways can we learn from a prostitute’s approach to business;

1. DETERMINED DRIVE: No matter how much we despise what prostitutes do, they are still someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s aunty, someone’s cousin. They all have a drive to make enough money to take care of themselves. The prostitute knows that without consistent drive her bills, school fees, feeding would not be taken care of. So she walks the street, endures the displeasure of painful sex, endures the shame of prostitution, endures the guilt of such a reckless way of living all in a bid to stop begging for money but working for it. She loiters in the mall, attends parties, visits night clubs and hangs around everywhere. Some of them even work when they are not feeling too well, they work whether happy or sad, come rain come shine, they work whether business is booming or not. This is sheer determination in the face of all adversity. Do we have such determined drive for our businesses? or do we pack up at the slightest setback.
Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up and starts to run because it knows it must outrun the lion or it becomes the lion’s meal.
Every morning in Africa a lion wakes up and starts to run because it knows it must catch up with a gazelle or it will starve to death.
So it doesn’t matter if your a gazelle or a lion, when you wake up YOU BETTER START RUNNING. A dream without a drive will surely drown. We can judge a man’s ambition by whether he hates his alarm clock or love it.
Stop making excuses. Prostitutes know excuses would not put food on the table and money in their pockets so they keep on pushing. Like somebody said ‘we are all manufacturers; making goods, making trouble or making excuses’. Benjamin Franklin also said “He who is good at making excuses is never good at making anything else”. Any success worth having is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

2. CONFIDENT APPROACH: I watch a lot of crime and investigation programs where prostitutes are abducted and killed by serial killers who come disguised as customers. Even in Nigeria where Nollywood has taught us that there are ritual killers everywhere, these girls still enter customer’s cars, go to places they have never been all in the quest for money. How can a woman have this much faith and assurance that her so called customer will not kill her. This is what I call a confident approach.
Bravery is the ability to perform with courage especially when scared half to death (General Omar Bradley). In business, the importance of confidence can never be overemphasized. No matter what you sell, you must sell it with confidence. It has been discovered that what people really buy is the confident emotion of the seller or the advertiser rather than the product itself. So no matter what you have to sell, get confident first then sales will follow.


3 & 4) Targeting and Territorial Claim
5 & 6) Proper Packaging and Effective Advertising
7 & 8) Perfect Timing and Aggressive Marketing
9 & 10) Performance and Excellence


The Prostitutes’ Approach To Business by Albert Femi Oduwole

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