The Surest Way To Get Blessed


From the very foundation of the universe, God established laws that could never be broken. One of those governing laws is the law of sowing and reaping. Genesis 8:22 says “While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest will never seize”. This law is an avid expression of God’s own faithfulness to mankind and shows that what you sow in people’s lives, you will surely reap in yours.
• What do you desire for this life?
• Do you make that very thing happen for those around you?
• When last did you pray for someone other than yourself?
• When last did you pray for someone you are not related to (family)?
• When last did you pray for someone that is never going to repay you?
• When last did you pray for your friends?
• When last did you pray for your enemies?
• When last did you pray for your friend’s families?
• When last did you pray for your country?
• When last did you pray for your neighbor?

Love is at the base of everything we do as Christians. Our fuel as Christians is love, once they is no love, our spiritual engine cannot move. If we only pray for ourselves then what makes us special because everyone obviously prays for themselves. We need to go beyond praying for our needs to praying for other people’s needs. If you focus so much on solving your own problems, you will never have time to solve other people’s problems. Whatever good things you make happen for others, God will in turn make happen for you. Don’t pray for people you can gain from, pray for people you might never gain from, people that might never have the opportunity of saying thank you because they don’t even know your prayers had a hand in their testimony.

Let’s pray this way from henceforth. If you need something, if after praying and you haven’t received that thing. Pray for someone else that needs that same thing you have been praying for. If you need a job, pray for your friend that desires a job. If you need a car, pray for someone you know that is in need of a car. If you need money, pray for people that need money more than you do.
You will be amazed what God can do through you if you make yourself available to intercede for others in prayer.

You are blessed to be a blessing. Bless others by interceding for them in your prayers and watch God do amazing things in your life.

NB: Please get the song “Always Pray For You” by Nosa via: He is a fantastic Nigerian gospel artist and the song resonates with the message of this article.

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