A to Z of Building Healthy Relationships (A-D)


All of life’s successes comes from initiating relationships with the right people and then strengthening those relationships by using good people skills (John Maxwell). You can never get anywhere in life without people. Even Jesus needed Mary, John the Baptist, his disciples and a host of others to make his impact on earth. No one is an island, the importance of people in the fulfillment of your destiny cannot be overemphasized. Rick Buffet said “Relationships, not achievements or the acquisition of things are what matter most in life”. A to Z of relationships details 26 alphabetically inspired steps in dealing successfully with people.

A–» Affirm and Appreciate People: If you know me personally then you will know how appreciative I am of people around me.
I am a person that if you give me water, the way I will appreciate that water, someone else will think you gave me something big. I have grown to realize that appreciation makes people ever willing to help you again and again. Learn to appreciate people and do so sincerely. Nothing is too small, appreciate every single thing.
Affirmation is the process of using sincere and genuine words to appreciate or acknowledge someone. The importance of affirmation to women in relationships was duely dealt with in the 7 Things Women Want (Affirmation).

B–» Believe in People: Some people have this way of doubting the capability of people around them maybe its because their own deficiencies. Believing in someone means having faith in that person, it means placing your confidence in someone. There is this amount of mental strength that a person gets when they know you believe in them. Footballers are a prime example of the power of believing in someone. A footballer will more likely perform better when he knows that his coach has total belief in him. If you believe in me, I would do everything within my power not to let you down. Believe in people around you.

C–» Care for People: Care is the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone genuinely. Do we care for people around us?
Its someone’s birthday and he/she puts up birthday pictures on their dp or facebook pages, do you care enough to wish them happy birthday?
Someone is sick, do you care enough to wish them quick recovery?
Someone is jobless, do you care enough to make it your mission to look for vacancies that suite their qualification?
A friend’s wife gives birth, do you care enough to go and visit them?
Care for people around you, genuinely.

D–» Develop People: To develop people means causing someone to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate. How often do we help someone grow and become more mature. We have people doing businesses on our contact lists, do we help develop their businesses by advertizing for them or patronizing them? People need help, some are too proud to ask for it, don’t wait to be asked for help, just help from the heart expecting nothing in return.

To be continued……

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