The Eyebrow Craze (What Guys Really Think)


Recently, I started noticing some interesting eyebrow shapes of some women and the puzzling degrees in which women will arch, pluck, tweeze, wax and shave their eyebrows into unnatural angles. A handful even go as far a shaving it all off and drawing it into weird shapes with eye pencil or something.
I have always been surprised as to why eyebrow shaping has become a norm to our ladies, something all girls understand but still leaves guys dazed. The hilarious fact behind the eyebrows is that out of all the body parts, eyebrows have the least utility and yet eyebrow shaping and grooming is virtually a necessity. The question is not why girls shape their eyebrows because I have realized that although eyebrow shaping is weird to me, it beautifies a lady’s face (when done properly).

The question is do men really care about a lady’s tweaked eyebrows?
After interviewing about 50 guys, the opinions were split. Some guys thought it looked attractive, others thought it looked unattractive while some were on the fence or not concerned. Here are some real answers:

‘It makes some women look more attractive and confident if done properly.’
-Ere P

‘Eyebrows for me aren’t just a big deal, they are the real deal. Its one of my turn ons’
-Jesse Cicci

‘I don’t mind a girl wearing make up. What I find unattractive is when a lady shaves off all her brows and recreates it using a pencil.’

‘I hate drawn eyebrows because I feel it hides a woman’s true beauty’

‘Nothing trumps natural beauty. Same with eyebrows, nothing beats natural looking eyebrows.’
– Kenny Smith

‘A nice trim is great for thick eyebrows, otherwise, it’s better to leave it natural.’

‘My wife told me that she was going for an eyebrow trim over the weekend. I was totally clueless. Lol.’

‘They look better when they are just shaped. Filling in with different colors makes it appear fake.’
-Chidi O

‘I thought it was for witches illustrations especially in cartoons till babes made it a fad.’

‘I don’t care.’
-Dave M

‘They look good on some chics but not so great on some others.’

‘It makes girls who have mastered the art more attractive.’
-Greg E

‘It makes some look attractive, not all though.’
-Arima M

‘It depends on personal preference. I prefer them natural looking.’

‘I guess it makes girls more attractive, but to be honest, I don’t have a preference.’
-Seni O

‘Girls with drawn eyebrows look fake, like cartoon characters.’

‘For those who draw them well, it makes them more attractive. Others who draw them wrongly look ugly.’
-Kanmi K

‘Some girls just go overboard and start looking like witches.’

‘I love a woman with a well tweaked brow.’

‘I feel ladies that wear eyebrows have self esteem issues.’
-Sam Sunny

‘Very beautiful girls don’t need to draw their eyebrows. However, if you are less fortunate, then go ahead.’

‘I find them very unattractive.’
-Ehis H

‘I see no point in tweaking eyebrows. Extreme fashion trends, absolute rubbish.’
-Sir Goro

‘It makes some ladies look scary.’

Regardless of any guy’s opinion on the eyebrow tweaking, plucking, arching, drawing fad, is not a new fashion/beauty trend which has been in existence for a while and which will remain for a long time. The plain truth is that the eyebrow defines the face, so a lady must master the art of creating well groomed eyebrows to look more polished and attractive.  It definitely makes a girl more attractive when done right.

From my findings, the only problem men have with eyebrow shaping is that it gives a rough, artificial and sometimes scary look when not done properly. Ladies with fake looking eyebrows appear desperate and that is why we are saying NO to badly shaped eyebrows and YES to girls that take that extra effort in making their eyebrows look good.

picmix-1732014-202255Here is a related article on how to get the perfect eyebrows for your face from Losbeauty. What are you waiting for? Get shaping the right way today!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. marymvalentine says:

    Really, really bizarre personal fashion trend. Same old story that has repeated itself through the centuries: Girls struggling to achieve some artificial pinnacle of acceptable ‘beauty’ or to ‘stand out’ in a crowd. Here’s a crazy thought: how ab out you stand out for something meaningful and selfless, ladies, not because of this goofy, ultra vain, clown-like trend. Just a suggestion.

  2. Hannah says:

    From a woman’s perspective when eyebrows appear to be intensely drawn in… it looks fake. However, if they just pencil their eyebrows in lightly give them a nice, natural looking shape it looks great.

    1. Jenny says:

      I absolutely agree with you Hannah

  3. john says:

    the eye brow painting has to [stop iam a male and makes me gag,i really don’t care if shes cute and yes I would not date girls that do this .very unappealing at 1st I thought only lesbians did this 8-10 yrs ago you know[the butch lesbian] now a lot of other girls do this STOP

    1. Hi John. I feel your anguish. But I can tell you categorically that girls that don’t at least tweak their eyebrows look like beautiful monsters…lol. So John, while I feel you pain, it is something we men have no control over.

  4. Jesse M. says:

    I think girls who have natural looking brows are beautiful but it when they put lots of make up on is when it turns me off…

  5. Jenny says:

    I think lightly drawn eyebrows can help make the face stand out among the crowd when properly done with other make-up

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