Human’s Are Born Selfish

Helping_Others_Succeed Dalai-Lama-on-Helping-Others1

The human race as a whole is selfish as living things are selfish. We are hard wired to only have our survival in mind. Humans are selfish by nature and everything we do or think is to better our lives and that of our family.
The first act of selfishness was by Adam and Eve who eat the forbidden fruit even after God instructed them not to. From then till now, its apparent that everything we do has a level of selfishness to it. Even the least selfish thing. We are the center of our universe. We are constantly within our own minds, within our own bodies, within our own lives. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it either. Being selfish does not mean we don’t have the capacity for sacrifice or selflessness.

You might ask yourself, how have I been selfish?
You wake up in the morning and only pray for just you and your family?…that’s selfish.
You look for food for only you and your family?…that’s selfish.
You want to make money to take care of just you and your family?…that’s selfish.
You want to be successful?…that’s selfish.
Its not wrong to be selfish because its this form of selfishness that keeps us alive, helps us survive and makes us successful.
Its only a problem when all you think about is you, you and you.
I want money.
I want a new car.
I want a new job.
I want a wife. Its about you.
Even when you have your family in mind, its still selfish because your family is important to YOU. Its time to live beyond ourselves and live for others. Have you noticed that only unselfish people make their mark on earth and live their footprints in the sands of time. Let’s start to live beyond ourselves and our families. One of the problems I had was when I helped someone, I expected them to be grateful and appreciate me. I have realized that that in itself is selfish. Do things to people and don’t expect them to appreciate it. Be selfless.

Let’s give ourselves an assignment, yes an assignment for this week.
Through out this week, let’s do #10UnselfishDeedsADay to someone not related to us or someone that can pay us back. Pray for someone that doesn’t know your praying for them. Help someone’s business grow by advertising their businesses on your dp’s, pm’s, FB page or twitter handles. Help someone get a job by sending them vacancies that fit their qualifications or telling someone employing about them. Check on someone you hardly know. Give out some of your clothes. Let’s do 10 unselfish deeds a day this week and you will see as God will bless you.

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