Guy’s View: If I Was A Girl For A Day

period girls

“As a guy, if you were to be a girl for a day, what would you do?”
I asked myself this question and I figured out that I didn’t have a definite answer, so I decided to ask a few friends. Below is the top 20 answers (including mine).

Greene: If I wake up a girl, I’ll sleep back. I won’t be able to mentally take it in, so sleeping would be the best option.

Chidi: If I’m a girl, I will definitely be a sexy girl causing problems in the world of men.

Papussy: I will love the best I can.

Daniel: Hmmmm, I will try not to get pregnant *wink*

Phillip: I will make shakara for any boy that will ask me out so much that he will cry.

Mr. Pitch: I will explore my new body and my new world.

Tommy: I will make positive changes.

Mr. IX: I will seal my private part, no entry for any guy.

Abdulmuizz: I’d simply stay indoors for the whole day studying my body.

Rush: I would go out with a guy and have fun. Then I would take lots of pictures maybe try kissing a guy. That’s all.

Jeje: First I will have sex with the cutest guy available out of curiosity. Take lots of selfies. I will enjoy myself and see how much money I can make that day.

D’Governor: I will try and see how it feels like to snob a man and do all the shakara that comes with being a lady.

Wilson: I’ll probably find out how sex feels to girls, and use the opportunity to scam guys. And yeah, it’ll be a great chance to slap a boy and get away with it.

Greg: Well I would try and understand why women act and reason the way they do. I will also analyze the female anatomy *smile*

Dinny: I would like to get pregnant and deliver a baby. Just so I get to feel the pain these women brag about so much. I know it won’t hurt as they claim it does.

Seni: I will love to know how its like to be penetrated...walahi

Steve: Very simple. I’ll use my gender to my advantage by getting ahead especially in an all male world. Since women glide through naturally where men have to work out their asses, I will put that as top of my agenda.

Don: I’ll preserve myself not to be defiled so that day it will be a remarkable moment.

Big Shoe: I’ll go to the toilet, take 5 non-nude shots and post it on Instagram.

Me: I will just enter girl’s hostel and see all of them naked, I’ll hang out at the girl’s bathroom watching them have their bath. I’ll want to know what it feels like thinking like a girl. I’m definitely not going to wear a bra or a g-string, its just gonna be too weird. If I happen to become a girl that’s on her period, I’ll get drunk and pass out till my time as a girl is over *sick*

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