Girl’s View: If I Was A Guy For A Day

good and bad guys

After asking guys what they would do if they were girls for a day and receiving so many hilarious answers. If you missed it click hereI turned to the ladies and asked “As a girl, if you were to be a guy for a day, what would you do?” I was shocked at what girls said. Below is a compilation of the top 20 responses garnered.

Rita: If I were a boy for a day. I would just be free from having to be on my period and I could beat up some people who I have been eyeing to beat since. But sincerely, I love being a girl, it comes with a whole lot of privileges *wink*

Kemi: I’ll definitely get laid.

Dumo: I’ll have as much girls as I want. I will also analyze the female anatomy.

Dainty: I’ll beat a bully on my street whose always hitting girls.

Tata: I will definitely get married to a girl like me.

Julia: I will be my boyfriend’s friend and convince him not to leave his girlfriend (me) and I’ll convince him to engage/marry her (me) before someone else does.

Precious: I will have fun and use what I have never had before. Wanna know how guys feel as well. *wink*

Naomi: I would wrestle with a fellow guy to show my strength. I’ll get educated on the tactics boys use to get girls. I’ll carryout a protest against corruption and I’ll also do crazy stunts.

Andrea: I’ll prove to girls that not all guys are  players.

Munirah: I guess I will like to know how men reason if truly they reason with their d***k

Pearl: I would sleep with that one chick that I have been crushing on badly.

Pamela: I will do so many tins to girls. I will want to know what it feels like hearing her scream when having sex with her and what it feels like to turn her on.

Marcatini: I would hang with fellow guys, try play soccer, ask a gal out & wank to a porn. I heard guys are fond of it but I don’t get the part where they masturbate to climax, so I would try it.

Lamin: I will ask a lady out just to know how it feels to actually ask a girl out.

Linda: If I were to be a boy for a day, first of all I will be fine boy, so I will try to ask pretty girls out to know what/how it feels like.

Alero: I will be my boyfriend’s best friend just to convince him not to joke/play with his girlfriend (me).

Eunice: I’ll sleep with a girl just to know what it feels like.

Afy: Well for one day, I would take that bold step and propose to d girl of my dreams. #Gbam

Ruth: I’ll have sex because I just want to be sure why its hard for guys not to really have total control over their d***.

Jainee: I would want to try hitting on a girl just to know why its such a tough thing for some guys. One more thing I’ve always envied you guys for is that you can pee almost anywhere standing. I’ll want to do that too.

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