3 Things Men Want (Part 3): Food and Sex

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This is a continuation of the series, READ:
Part 1: Respect
Part 2: Space

As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This saying originated from ancient times where the stomach was considered the same region as the groin. In reality, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and his penis.

Going through a man’s stomach to win his heart entails a lady feeding him regularly and then gradually gaining his attraction which may then result to winning his heart. For instance: Imagine coming back home after a stressful day at work and stepping into the house smelling of your favorite food, let’s say pounded yam/fufu and oha soup (which is my favorite food) with stock fish, fried meat and snail fighting for space in the bowl. Regardless of how frustrating the day might have been, the smell of this delicacy will make it all go away.
Who made this sweet food? My wife! Not the cook, not the house girl, not my sister-in-law, not my mother-in-law but my wife. It’s really not only about the food (although it counts) but also about the following things:

1. The Thought: It’s always the thought that matters to me because some women can cook for their men under questionable motives (they either want something from him or want him to do something). But if her mindset from the onset is to see me happy, to see me filled up with good food and not expect anything in return. That’s just immeasurable.

2. The Sacrifice: For a woman to leave all she is doing to go to the market, spend time in the kitchen and make you good food, she must really care about you. She didn’t take the easy way out by ordering the food from a restaurant, she did it all her self means a lot to any man.

3. The Care: Women in this modern era are too busy to take care of their husbands that they outsource every single thing from laundry to feeding but a woman that includes this special aspect in her busy schedules really cares about her man.

So ladies over to you. Do you know how to cook? If you don’t, its never too late to learn. Do you know your man’s favorite dishes? Please know it and learn it if you can’t make it. Are you too busy to cook for your husband? Please it’s your duty not that of the house girl or the chef (cook and keep in the fridge for him if your schedule is too tight).
If you fail to feed your man’s stomach well, someone else will and let’s hope that someone doesn’t feed his penis too.

When I mean good sex, I am not talking about having sex but making love. Sex is totally different from making love. When you make love, you pour out your passion even as the act is in progress. The passionate kisses, the caressing and deep romance can easily speak for themselves. But sex? Regardless of how long, how well, how adventurous and how enjoyable it may be, it can still be as mere as a usual video game or sporting activity after all, even enemies can have sex. Its not all about the sex itself but about:

1. The Passion: When a woman has sex most times her emotions are attached but when most men have sex, emotions are not usually attached to it. When you can get a man to make love to you passionately then you have his heart. (Read Sex: A Guy’s Perspective)

2. The Sacrifice: Men tend to have sex more often than women (not in all cases though). When a woman comes back from work tired but still satisfies her sexually hungry man, this shows where her heart lies.

3. Willingness to learn: A woman that always has something new sexually to dazzle her husband with is a good learner and is willing to experiment to satisfy her husband.

Sex is a fundamental part of marriage, so having sex is not when you feel like it, it’s when either of you feels like it. Your body belongs to your husband and his body belongs to you (1 Corinthians 7:3-4). Don’t make your sex life predictable, mystify it.

NOTE (Very Important):
1) The sex part of this article is strictly for married couples. I have heard stories of single ladies that play the role of a wife even before they are married. They cook all types of food for their man, sleep with him any time he pleases and after all said and done, the man leaves them for a lady that hasn’t even cooked indomie for him (Read: 20 Relationship Mistakes Girls Make).

2) Make sure the foundation of your relationship is not built on sex and food only.
A guy can fall in love through the stomach, through sex and through mere romance but the actual thing is; to make sure he isn’t falling because of these activities which are just added factors to the main thing (Read: 10 Ways Sex Ruins Relationships).

3) Take note, good sex and good food can get a man but cannot keep a man if you lack other qualities the man desires. If its only about good sex then why are the professional porn stars who are almost perfect in all sexual positions and seem to be the best in the act not all in love and married?
If it’s only about good food, why are the restaurant owners, the chefs that serve men with such delicious delicacies not all in love and married?

Good food and sex in a marriage can be likened to a starter while the main course meal in marriage involves many things like sacrifice, understanding, tolerance etc (Read: Marriage is Not About Love).

Funom Makama “Who ever believes the way to a man’s heart flunked geography”

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  1. Lesh J. says:

    Kurtis, you will not kill me! He said leave you for a woman that hasn’t cooked indomie for him. Buhahahaha!!! I almost lost the water in my mouth.

    1. Lesh your something else!…your sense of humour is unrivaled!….smh for u sha..lol

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