7 Things Women Want (Part 3): Attention

wana be cute

This is a continuation of the series, READ:
Part 1: Acknowledgment
Part 2: Affirmation

Women love attention.
Women need attention.
Women crave for attention.
Most times it doesn’t matter who gives them that attention but women love being noticed that’s why they dress well or try to look good even if they are just going across the street to buy maggi. Attention to a woman is like saying “I am important to you”. Attention from her man will make any woman feel loved and appreciated. When a woman talks to her spouse about a problem she is having, in most cases its not for the man to proffer solutions but for the man to give her a listening ear (attention).

Therefore men, whenever a woman talks to you about a problem she is having just listen and keep making remarks like “hmmmm, ahhhhh, are you serious?, wow, you don’t say, really” until she finishes talking. Don’t tell her what to do about the situation till she says “so what do you think I should do?”. Then and only then should you offer advice but I can bet you that in most cases, she already knows what to do, she just wants you to hear about it. Let’s imagine a lady spends so much time in the salon making her hair, even if you are watching a football match, she expects you to leave the match for some time and notice her new hair before returning back to your match.

No matter how busy you are, you should always find time to check on your spouse and give her the attention she craves for. You need time to build any relationship, if you don’t have enough time for your wife then don’t get married yet.

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