7 Things Women Want (Part 1): Acknowledgment

3 beautiful damsels

Women are emotional beings while men are logical beings. Men are totally different from women in terms of how they think, act, talk and behave. No wonder someone once said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Women are very easy to understand but the problem men have is that they act like men and think like men when relating to women. To successfully relate to a woman, you have to act like a man and think like a woman. When men relate to their fellow men, they do so for information while women relate for affection. For example, when a man calls a fellow man, you will hear something like “Hi John, how are you doing, I wanted to find out if you will be coming for the meeting at Eko Hotel tomorrow, alright den, take care, bye”…that’s a man calling for information. When a woman calls, the conversation goes like this “hi dear, how was your night, hope u slept well, what have you eaten today, how is work going”…that’s a woman calling for affection. When conversing with a lady and you think like a lady, then you will know that women talk for affection so you indulge her. You don’t just call a lady when you need a favor or you require information, you call her to check on her, to find out what she has eaten, how work is going, what she wore to work etc.

Another problem men have with women is the fact that they tend to treat their wives/fiancee/girlfriend like they would their mothers. The issue with this ideology is the fact that a mother’s love is totally different from a spouse’s love. A mother’s love doesn’t have to be reciprocated while that of a spouse must be reciprocated. For example, if you don’t call your mother she will keep calling to check on you. If you are a stubborn child, she will still love you. If you hate her, she will still love you. If you don’t take care for her, she will still love you. A mother’s love for her child is not controlled by emotions but by responsibility. The love comes from deep down in her soul not from her heart. On the other hand, the love your spouse has for you is totally dependent on how you treat her. In relationships/marriage, you love to be loved. You give to in order to receive. She can’t be the only one giving for the relationship to work, you must give your own quota.

Another aspect of acknowledgment is detailed in 1 Peter 3:7 which says

“Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.”

When dwelling (in r’ship) with a woman, the Bible advises that you use knowledge. It didn’t say use your male macho, it said knowledge. It also says you should honor her as a weaker vessel. Weaker here doesn’t mean physical or emotional weakness, it simply means she’s softer, more fragile and less rugged than the man. It also said that both of you are heirs together of the grace of life which means a woman has the same right to success, the same right to happiness, the same right to love, the same right to the good things in life as the man. Lastly, it says that if you don’t treat your wife well, your prayers will not be answered. So the way you treat your wife determines if your prayers to God will be answered or not. Treat her badly and your prayers will be hindered (according to the Bible).

In conclusion, women want you to acknowledge that:
1. They are women and should be treated as such, not as you would treat your fellow man.
2. They are special in their own way.
3. They are not your mothers, so never make them feel inferior to her.
4. They are fragile and softer than men and should be treated with care and love.
5. Treat her the way you want to be treated. If you don’t love her don’t expect to be respected in return.

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