How To Cheat And Not Get Caught



I know some of you will claim you followed this link to find out how people cheat and not get caught so you can avoid been cheated on. For those set of people, please forgive the April Fool prank. It was actually intended for those that really wanted to learn how to cheat and not get caught. May God forgive you people. You have egusi soup, eat and enjoy your egusi soup. Don’t mix your egusi soup with ogbono soup or even vegetable soup, that’s cheating. There is a Nigerian saying that goes thus “when the wind blows, fowl yansh (buttocks) go open”. You cheat and you haven’t been caught is because the wind hasn’t blown in your direction, because when it does your yansh go surely open (you will be exposed). Be faithful or leave the relationship.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. missL says:

    Good advice, yo! Happy April!

    1. Yipeee!!…Thanks MissL!!!!..Happy April!

  2. Kenny Smith says:

    Lol…..nice one bro!!

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