Let’s Talk About Masturbation


To masturbate means to stimulate yourself in a sexual way. Masturbation is one of the most forbidden topics ever. In a quest to know why this level of secrecy surrounds masturbation, I asked a few people their thoughts on masturbation and here are their opinions.

Jay (F): I feel masturbation is good! It has to do with your point of view. Some see it as a taboo or something disgusting. They say the Bible is against it but my point of view is that masturbation helps you control yourself and your sexual urge. When you masturbate, it calms your nerves. Instead of sleeping around like some folks out there, masturbation helps you maintain your dignity.

Don (M): Masturbation is bad for both married and singles. For singles, it will make them overly anxious for sex while for the married, it will make their spouse useless sexually because they can derive the pleasure they so desire by themselves.

Isy (F): Masturbation is bad for singles but okay for married couples. When single, masturbation will make you want to have sex but for a married couple, masturbation call help spice up the sex life of the married couple.

Ope (M): Masturbation is good for singles, bad for married. It is good for singles because it helps relieve sexual urge and reduces the need to have sex outside with girls, prostitutes and having many sexual partners.
Its bad for married couples because it defeats the purpose of marriage which is to enjoy your sexuality with your spouse since your enjoying your sexuality on your own.

Godwin (M): Its bad to an extent because its not right in the eyes of God. Its good to an extent because it helps bring down sexual urge in some men or women who don’t have whom to have sex with. In most cases it reduces rape because some people feel why rape? when I can masturbate & be free!
All things said and done, masturbation is not to be advised because God is not in support of it although I haven’t across it verbatim in the Bible but I know it is not right.

Mabel (F): As far as I know masturbation is good because it is safe and it helps avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. It does more good than harm to one’s life.

Faith (F): Masturbation is bad because even d Bible frowns at it. Read Romans 1:24-27 for more clarity on this issue.

Chinda (F): Masturbation is bad because it makes you think about sex more or makes you want it more also.

Tee (F): Masturbation is bad because it renders my partner useless. If I masturbate, it takes up to a month for me to feel my partner’s touch again.

Agnes (F): My dear, I have no idea oh! I am anxiously waiting for you to blog about it.

Imma (M): One would rather have sex than masturbate because you mostly masturbate when your in the mood for sex. Others masturbate first before having sex, because they don’t really last in their first round and they want to impress their partner There is a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction after sex than after masturbating. So I hate masturbation.

Kels (M): Masturbating is good and natural for both men and women. One of the best things about masturbation is that it is safe; there is no concern about sexually transmitted diseases.
Masturbation is an ideal way for individuals to learn and explore their sexuality before they enter into sexual relationships. Masturbating can teach a person how they like 2 be touched, improving their confidence and increasing their chances of experiencing sexual pleasure with a partner.
Masturbation can also creates a sense of well-being,enhances physical and emotional bonding with partners, increases the ability to have orgasms, improves sleep and it can also reduce stress.

Olamide (M): I think masturbation is extremely bad. If you think you really need it, go get the real and not its fake.

Joseph (M): It has both advantages and disadvantages but the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Emy (F): Masturbation is bad because the Bible said so, even if I don’t have any proof to back it up. A man that does it and releases sperm has cut short a soul because the sperm has wasted.

Bade (F): Masturbation is bad for both men and women. Anything that has to do with sexual pleasure should be between man and wife. Apart from loosing precious seed as a man which in itself is bad enough, the act itself is degrading as God didn’t permit it to be so from the beginning. So note that not only masturbation but any other form of sexual enjoyment outside marriage is not lawful neither helpful.

Steve (M): Masturbation is bad, very bad. Its better you commit fornication with a prostitute than masturbate.

Seun (F): I’m not going to give a direct answer but this is my view. People say it helps them kill the urge to sleep around but the Bible says if u look at a woman lustfully you have committed adultery/fornication. So therefore the fact that you cannot masturbate without having lustful thoughts and having lustful thoughts being a sin, masturbation is a sin and sins are bad therefore masturbation is bad. But if you can argue that someone can masturbate without having sexual thoughts in his/her mind, then I’m as confused as you are.

People have varying opinions on masturbation, some think is good, while others view it as bad. I’ll ask a few questions that will definitely question your perspective on masturbation.
1) If I go to donate my sperm to a sperm bank (a sperm bank stores sperm and gives to couples where the man can’t produce his own sperm or to a woman who wants to get pregnant but doesn’t want to sleep with a man). So if I go to donate my sperm to this sperm bank and I’ll definitely have to masturbate to produce this sperm to help this couple I don’t even know. In this case, is masturbation bad?
2) If I can masturbate without having illicit thoughts, then is masturbation bad?
3) If masturbation makes me want to have sex and makes me feel guilty after doing it, then is masturbation not bad?
4) If a married couple stay apart because of work, the man stays in Australia but the women lives in Nigeria. They are both sexual beings and so as not to cheat on their partner, they decide to masturbate to keep their body in check, then is masturbation bad?
5) There are two girls, one masturbates on a daily basis but she’s still a virgin or this other girl that never masturbates but sleeps around to satisfy herself. The first girl could have slept around but masturbation helped her keep her virginity, is masturbation bad in this case?
6) You are married but you masturbate. You don’t derive as much pleasure from your partner like you do when you masturbate, in this case is masturbation bad?
7) A man that finds it hard to keep his libido in check decides to masturbate so as not to cheat on his wife, then is masturbation bad?
8) A married couple decide to spice up their sex lives by masturbating in front of each other, then is masturbation bad?
9) If masturbation is a sin, why is it not addressed in the Bible and if it is where is it in the Bible?
10) If masturbation is not a sin, why does the Bible not support it and why do religious clerics including pastors and imams vehemently oppose its practice?

For those that support masturbation, do you know that it could be addictive and detrimental to both the body and the mind?
For those against masturbation, are you aware that it helps prevent STIs and pregnancy?
So is masturbation good or bad?
You decide.

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