Why Guys Like Lesbians


From a very young age, girls have always amazed me. Even in my early Secondary school days, I always saw girls as faultless angels. I had this idea that girls were too clean to bath or even shit (this school of thought was however shattered when a girl’s mess caused so much commotion in class then). I was a young boy and girls fascinated me, the thought of two girls hugging, pecking or even smooching makes my head spin (the thought I say). I grew up and the sight of girls making out kept lingering in my senses and I actually saw it as a normal thing (since girls are unusually close to themselves, unlike guys). We all know the implications of homosexuality especially in Nigeria, we all know of the spiritual implications also with the Bible totally against such practices.
It seems people don’t know this but more girls have been engaged in lesbian acts than we know or admit. I asked 50 girls on my BBM some questions last year and among them was “Have you ever had sexual contact with a member of the same sex”. I discovered that over 55% had either kissed, smooched or had sex with another girl.
It seems people don’t also know this but guys like lesbians and most girls too (even the straight ones).
In preparation for this article I asked 3 of my guys the reason why they liked lesbians and Jonathan said that he somehow finds them attractive, mature and open minded.
Kenny said he just loves seeing lesbians do their thing (only him knows what he means by that..lol).
It was not until I asked Ore that I got the answer I so desired, Ore said and I quote “There is something terribly, irresistibly hot about them. The fact that they are seemingly into other women makes you want to be the man to revert them back to normal.”
Girls are not strictly lesbians, most are bisexuals. Most bisexual girls are in two relationships, with a guy and with another girl. Most times, the guy doesn’t know about the other girl in his girl’s life but in some cases, the guy is aware she is bisexual and enters the relationship nevertheless. Some of the reasons guys like lesbians include:
1. For three-sum sex: You can quote me anywhere, many guys and I would say most guys fantasize about having sex with two girls and the lesbian the better. Dating a bisexual girl doesn’t always result in having sex with her girlfriends but that doesn’t stop guys from dreaming.
2. To revert her: Guys have this almighty mentality. Guys would tell a girl that, whatever sexual satisfaction you derive from girls, I can give you times two. I remember a guy that told me he has dated two lesbians and his mission was to revert them to normal and according to him, he succeeded.
3. Guys find lesbians sexually stimulating: Guys find girls sexually fascinating that’s why a guy can see a girl and has already has sex with her mentally before even asking for her name. Now imagine a girl having sex with another girl, the thought can drive a guy nuts. It might sound silly but this is the truth.
4. Women are soft: Women posses this soft sensuality that most guys get extremely turned on by. When guys envision lesbians, they imagine two ladies both with this feminine sensuality ‘smooth legs, luscious curves, long hair, four breasts, four cheeks and a couple of cats in the same room probably rubbing up against each other’.
5.Girls have made it so: The closeness of girls a times makes guys think “what more?”. Girls hug each other passionately. Most girls peck each other on the cheeks, some even peck each other on the lips. Most girls bath together (this is forbidden to guys). Some girls even sleep naked together on the same bed (what?). Most girls say “I love you” to their fellow girls (huh?). Such things make guys think “so what’s going on behind closed doors?”

Note: Lesbianism is spiritually and morally wrong. Girls stop this barbaric act and guys stop liking this barbaric act.

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