20 Ideas For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day has always been described as lover’s day but I’ll rather describe Valentine’s day as a day to show love. Showing love to either your parents, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, siblings, crush, neighbors, friends, children at an orphanage, beggars and poor people around you.
I did my research and I discovered a few ideas to enjoy the Valentine’s day:

1. Do the house chores: Women are usually the one’s doing all the house chores, cooking for her husband and the kids, taking care of everyone. For this Vals day, the husband should take over from her. Do the cooking, clean the house and take care of the kids. Make her feel appreciated and loved.

2. 24 Things I Love About you: There are 24 hours in a day and Valentine’s day is no different. Every hour of the day, send her a text message telling her one thing you love about her. By the end of the day, you have sent her 24 things you love about her.

3. Tell friends to call her: Give friends you trust her number and tell them to tell her how much you love and cherish her.

4. Propose: Yes I said it, propose to her if she’s the one. As 2Face once said ‘delay is dangerous’. It mustn’t be an expensive ring and it mustn’t be the ‘Kanye West using a stadium to propose’ technique. A simple down on one knee ‘baby I wana spend the rest of my life with you, please marry me’. She says no, don’t pay for the meal..lol

If you want to spend money and get her something, then try these:
5. Get her a cake: I don’t know why ladies love cakes so much but they really do (a few don’t so please know your wife/girlfriend). ME-Moment events offers valentine cakes at very affordable prices and delivery (negotiable). Readers of my blog get a 5% discount. Moments Events can be contacted via 08022329915 or Pin:272CAD61

Val cakes

6. Get her shoes and jewelries: If you can afford it, get her shoes and jewelries. Ladies never have enough shoes and jewelries are a very important element in her dressing so why not indulge her.
Shadow Shuz and Accessories sells lovely shoes both high heels and wedges between N7k and N10k but for the readers of my blog, she is willing to give out all high heels for N5k and all wedges for N4k.
Check http://www.facebook.com/shadowshuzaccessories for a variety of shoes and accessories. Call +2347012765969 and Pin:22A9223D

shadow shuz

Style-insider Collections also sells gorgeous shoes and jewelries and its running a 20% discount promo that runs from the 12th to 14th of February and she also offers delivery services across Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon and Ghana. Check @styleinsider_ on Instagram for a variety of shoes and other accessories. Call +22996001528 or +2348164464985 and Pin:7B60DB66 or Pin:7BF4415D


7. Get her bags and dresses: I don’t know about you but nothing makes me prouder than seeing my beautiful girlfriend wearing the same dress I got her. Buy her a dress and a bag to match and make her wear it out with you on Valentine’s day. Make sure the dress is worth it though because as a friend would always say ‘life is too short to wear boring clothes’..lol.  Just Addiction offers classy bags, jumpsuits, dresses, tops, skirts and even male wears. Instagram: @justaddiction, Pin:7C79A684, 08065246157 and 08058664990 or simply visit the store at 84 Brickfield, by Costain bus-stop, Apapa Road, Lagos.


8. Get her flowers or chocolates: This is a very romantic gesture. You could add chocolates to it but make sure your lady isn’t watching her weight.

9. Get him credit or by fuel for his car: Guys are very simple and not too hard to impress. If you don’t know what to get him, just buy him better credit, put inside envelop, attach card and voila. You can also pay for the fuel at the filling station, such things are romantic to guys..lol

10. Take him out: It seems its only men’s pocket that suffers when it comes to Valentine’s day. As a lady, stand out from the hungry pack and take your man out. All expense paid.

11. Buy him perfume/shirt/wristwatch/shoe: The sort of accessories that grace a guy’s dressing is never more than a nice wristwatch on a nice shirt and a nice shoe with a nice fragrance.

12. Spend time together: Most couples are busy working through out the week, when its not work that preoccupies them its the children. For this special day, take the kids to your in-laws, switch off all phones and work related stuff and spend “me and you” time together. You both can even book a hotel room, have dinner and spend the evening, just you two.

13. Cook for you guys: Make something special, add candles, rose petals and soft music. Valentine’s day between lovers should not necessarily be spent outside. Do it indoors and spice things up.

14. Spice up your sex life: For married couples, this is a day like no other day, its a day to spice thing up in the bedroom and I have the special something for you.
Jay Adah offers tonnes of sex toys to help spice things up in the bedroom from vibrators to super hard erection rings.  Contact Ada on 07034606526, Pin:2A545A72, jayleozeen@yahoo.com and twitter: @jaydabeautician

15. Go the beach/visit friends or family: You both could go to a private beach like Elegushi and spend time playing like kids in the sand. You guys could also visit family and friends after spending enough quality time together.

Some places to consider going to on Valentine’s day include:
16. The Cinemas: This is probably the lover’s nest on Valentine’s day. It is always filled to the brim but nothing beats watching a romantic movie with a loved one, holding hands and laughing together, sharing each other’s popcorn and basking in each other’s ambiance.

17a. Romantic Valentine for two on the 14th of February by 5pm till fade at Midas Xquisite Pool bar (17 Adeleke street, Allen Avenue, Ikeja). Free gate pass to pool party, three choice meal, night swimming, special live band all for just 25k per couple. For reservation, call Faith on 08175180048 or 08134326778

17b. Eve Global Foundation Valentine Couple Special holding at Eko Beach Tourist Resort, Akodo by 12pm on the 14th of February. For more info check: http://www.naijaticketshop.com/details.php?id=1043


17c. American Night at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island by 7pm on the 14th of February. . For more info check: http://www.naijaticketshop.com/details.php?id=1050


17d. Cena Romantica at Eko Signature Hotel, Eko hotel, VI by 7pm on the 14th of February. . For more info check: http://www.naijaticketshop.com/details.php?id=1058


17e. Spin club Valentine Mask Party holding on the 15th of Febraury at Villa Angelia (2/7 Okunola Martins Close Off Okotie Eboh street,Off Awolowo road, Ikoyi). For info: http://www.naijaticketshop.com/details.php?id=1065


18. Shop For Free: This is for the Abuja folks and its tagged “Get Something For Nothing” holding at Ambience Hall in Metro Plaza, Abuja on the 14th of February.


19. Unmasked: This is a singles program tagged “Real People, Real Issues and Real Life” and admission is FREE. Venue is Victory Dome behind PHCN, Fatgbems Bus stop, Lagos by 10am on the 15th of February.


20. Visit an orphanage: As I mentioned earlier, Valentine’s day is a special day to show love to people around us and there is no better way to do this than to visit the children that don’t have anyone to call theirs.
Ghetto Love (GL) is a community based initiative aimed at drawing public attention and offering support to the plights and suffering of the less privileged in Nigerian slums/ghettos. You could join Ghetto Love on Valentine’s day as they reach out to the less privileged. Visit http://www.facebook.com/GhettoLoveProject http://www.twitter.com/GhettoLovePro or http://www.ghettoloveproject.blogspot.com, 08037233498 and 08060582847

NOTE: For the singles, Valentine’s day is a very sensitive period as relating to sex. Please if you can’t abstain, use a condom and ladies, its not yet time to become a mother if your not married. Be careful.                               Happy Valentine’s day guys.

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  1. duchess says:

    Owk…this is edgy*cool commercials*, hillarious, very informative and educative too. Once again another lesson learnt from kurtis…thanks man

    1. Lol @ edgy cool commecials…..
      Thanks dearie.

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