Womanizer (Treats You Like a Queen) or Faithful (Treats You Like Trash)

Caring Cheat

I was listening to a radio program yesterday and something occurred to me that made me ask this question. What do ladies REALLY want from their men. I know every lady wants to be treated like a queen and every lady would also want to be the only woman in her man’s life. The question on my mind was, if a compromise was to be made, which would a lady be ready to give up; the queen-like treatment or the only-woman-in-your-life feeling? I asked a few ladies on my BBM this question; “would you rather date/marry a womanizer that treats you like a queen or a faithful man that treats you like trash” and below are a few of the responses I got:

DeeSparkle: Marrying a faithful guy that doesn’t respect you is pointless, definitely someone that treats me like the only one. Every girl likes to feel special. I’d rather be happy for real with a womanizer than hide behind the shadows of a so called “good guy” wallowing in sadness.

Chinda: I would choose the faithful guy because the womanizer might contact HIV or one STD or the other and give me. The faithful guy that treats me like trash, I’ll find a way to be happy with him.

Irene: I would rather choose the womanizer that treats me like a I am the only one because there is nothing in life that is as sweet as having someone that makes you feel more than special. I don’t really care if my boyfriend cheats once he makes me feel like I am the only woman in the world.

Tracy: I would not be with a guy that cheats on me just because he treats me like a princess. He might still be treating the other women the same way so what’s so special about me then. Well I think everyone has an ability to change especially when it has to do with the person you love, I can actually date the two of them but you have to let the cheating go or I go,or the other guy has to learn how to treat me how I ought to be treated.

Ushang: Well I hear so many women saying all men are cheats and that’s demeaning and untrue. Not all men womanize. And back to the question a woman is very concerned about how her man treats her. So regardless of the fact that I don’t support womanizing, I would date a man who treats me better rather than the one who treats me as trash. Secondly you rarely see a faithful guy treating his woman as trash. I’m yet to see one. If he treats her as trash then he has some hoe he’s trashing outside.

Jayne: I would choose the faithful guy because with time he can learn to treat me better. Treating me like trash could be what his past made him become. I can’t handle a guy that cheats at all. Dating a womanizer is like applying for early death.

Seun: Given just 2 options, I’ll rather be with a womanizer that treats me well. The other man doesn’t deserve to be called ‘faithful’ if he can’t treat his woman right. The love shown to me by the ‘womanizer’ may help soften the blow of infidelity on his part. I reject it shaa…lol

Mercy: I would rather marry the guy that treats me like trash because cheating is bad and diseases are very real.

Bukola: I will go for the womanizer because I want to feel important and not worthless with d faithful guy. Life is short mehn. Life is too short.

Rita: I would rather date the womanizer who treats me like a queen because God knows I cannot stand a man who will weaken my spirit. The thought of him being with another woman would hurt like hell, but I’m consoled with the hope that like the prodigal son, my real husband will come back home to me, swoop me in his arms and treat me like a queen. Let the other girls borrow him (love in sharing) but my own, na my own.

I had to choose just 10 responses from 38. From the responses gathered, only 8 ladies would rather be with a faithful man that treats them like trash than the womanizer that treats them like a queen. The main reasons behind their choice was:
1. The fear of STD.
2. The feeling of ‘unspecialness’.
3. Cheating is bad.

On the other hand, 30 ladies chose the womanizer that treated them like a queen to the faithful guy that treated them like trash. The main reasons behind their choice include:
1. Every lady would rather be treated like a queen to anything else under earth.
2. I can tolerate him and teach him how to love, for with love everything else will follow.
3. Almost all guys cheat so what’s the use of bothering myself.
4. I can convince him to give up womanizing.
5. I can’t stand men that treat their women like crap

This analysis goes a long way in telling guys what women really want.
Treat your lady like a queen and you can get away with almost anything (if you can treat her like a queen, you can also make her your one and only too). No wonder ladies are more forgiving of guys that cheat (most even have the mindset that ALL guys cheat). Your faithfulness is worthless to many ladies if you treat her like she is worthless.
Remember, any man can cheat but it takes a REAL man to be faithful. It also takes a KING to know how treat his woman like a Queen. Be a combination of the two. Be a REAL KING. *wink*

NB: This analysis could be termed biased because it doesn’t cover a wider sampling pool. Only 50 ladies were asked (38 gave a definite answer, 5 stood on the fence while 7 didn’t answer) and all are Nigerians.

Vote of Thanks (Contributors):
Engr Deespakle of HfS, Chinda Ihuoma, Irene, Tracy Charles, Ushang ‘Shushu’, Jayne Great, Seun ‘Julie’, Mercy ‘Model’, Beautiful Bukola, Rita ‘The Billionaire’, Miss Mohammed, SexyTinny, Ifeoma, Ijeoma, Aisling, Ruth, Chinedu, Chizzie, Sofine, Georgia, Stellastic Baby, Jennifer, Bukky, Stephanie, Ruthy Babe, Rita, Anita, Faith, Love, Vivian, Queen, Hottie, Juliet, Awele, Joan, Isioma, Ada and Princess.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Oyebamiji says:

    A man who flirt and treats you like a queen is better to a foolish faithful guy who treats you like a trash# as a man I Love to be respected than been loved

    1. Interestingly put. My view is that respect should accompany love but most times people fail to realize this. You love someone, you should automatically respect the person. Thanks Opeyemi

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