When Money Overpowers Love

money over love

I was reading the book titled “I Do Not Come To You By Chance” written by Adaobi Nwaubani. The love story of the main character in the book called Kingsley and Olachi almost brought me to tears. Kings as he is called in the book was in 300 level at Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) when he met Olachi a Jambite. Both came from poor but educated backgrounds but their love knew no bounds. Money was not a determining factor in their love and happiness, for all they cared about was companionship, the butterflies-in-my-stomach moments, the times they shared studying together and the love that sparked in their brains when they were together. In a bid to cement their love, Kings proposed to Ola and she said yes without hesitation.
Over the years, Kings graduated from school, underwent the compulsory NYSC program but struggled to find a job even though he graduated as one of the best students in his class. On one of Kingsley’s impromptu visits to see Ola in school he discovered that all the pictures of his that Ola hung by her bedside were all gone, she started wearing Dolce and Gabbana wristwatches and Gucci slippers. Over time she started avoiding him and decided to end the relationship. Apparently the same Ola that loved Kingsley had become worried about his joblessness and lack of funds to take care of her and when a rich suitor came along, she jumped ship and moved on.
Coming back to reality, this story only mirrors what actually happens in real life. A girl in love with a guy that is not financially stable is approached for her hand in marriage by a stinkingly rich man and to my utter dismay, she even considers it.
She chooses money over love. We all know the importance of money in setting up and maintaining a home but are you choosing a rich man over a man that loves you. Such girls are:
1. Gold diggers: These are girls that rather reap from where they did not sow. Instead of helping a man become rich, they rather get an already made man.
2. Short sighted: If you are dating a man with vision and a dream, then its only a matter of time before money follows suit. The rich man you are choosing over your boyfriend was once broke, give your boyfriend time to become rich.
3. Impatient: There is an adage that says that a lizard can never climb to the top of the tree from the top, he climbs his way from the bottom. Anything big that started off big calls for suspicion. Be patient.
4. Support his dreams: I checked the history of 10 billionaires and found out that before they got married, they were more or less poor, the grace of God on their wives head helped them become rich. Proverbs 18:22 says ‘Whoever finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord‘, so until he find a wife, he doesn’t obtain that favor from God to make his business grow.
5. She is vision-less: A girl that longs to get married to a rich man is void of character and vision. A girl’s dreams should be to get married a rich wife and not necessarily to get married to a rich man.
Sometimes money conquers love, let’s make sure love wins the next battle.


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  1. ohiza says:

    Beautifully and well said…. That’s just all I can say….

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