Make God Laugh

pray more often

#Nugget 2:
I remember when I was a baby Christian, I hardly prayed to God until I needed something or I got in trouble or I was sick. Even then I make a deal with Him, “Father if you get me out of this trouble, I will give a big offering in church next Sunday or I will not sin again”. Funny enough, most times it works but this was me thinking I was bribing God only to grow in faith and find out that God’s Grace has been at work in my life all these years.
Most of us only talk to God when we want something from Him. Imagine having a daughter schooling in Canada for 2 years and she only calls you to ask for pocket money, she never calls to check on you, to find out how your doing. How would you feel as a parent, that’s how God feels when you only call Him to ask for something. When last did we pray to God and ask Him questions like:
Father, how are you doing?
Father. how is life in Heaven?
Daddy in Heaven, I don’t have a job now but I am not worried because I know you have something BIG for me.
Father thank you for keeping me alive for all these years.
Father I don’t have a car but I thank You for giving me legs to walk because many are on wheel chairs and others don’t even have legs.
Father I know I know I can’t afford those expensive Gucci glasses that those big boys wear now but I thank you for giving me eyes to see in the first place.
Daddy God thank you for sending your only son to die for my sins
Father I bought you a gift for Valentine’s day because you are my one and only true love.
These questions might sound funny but remember God has a sense of humour, if you get God laughing, He will make sure laughter remains on your lips.
If God is your father, please call home often.

Is the only time you do any deep prayer when you find yourself in a hole?

“Why Ask Why” by John Mason (2000).

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