Career Women and Failed Marriages

my career ladies

I have always been a supporter of female empowerment, ladies getting financially independent, creating avenues of wealth for themselves before settling down for marriage.
I always had the belief that when a man gets married to a vision-less woman, a woman that always depends on her husband for financial support then the man might use this to his advantage and misuse his authority. This view of thought I held for so long was called to question by a friend who told me how he believed career women has increased family problems and divorces in our society today. This piece is based on his point of view so I will leave you to make up your mind.
In the olden days, way before gender equality was in the horizon, way before women started working and earning a living outside their husband’s earning potential, we had women who were more domesticated. These types of women were mostly house wives, whose job was to be a full time wife to her husband, a mother to her kids and a caretaker of the home. These women were very attentive to detail, they know when something is wrong with their husbands, they are always around to take care of the children, monitor their movements, help raise them full time and even help with their school work.
In those days when a girl finishes secondary school, she is ripe for marriage so much that if she is 24 and not married, she’s getting too old. They were under their husband’s authority and hardly questioned his decisions. In those days, when a woman has a car, it is her husband that bought it for her. If you notice, marriages in those days lasted longer than marriages now (check your grandparent’s marriages).
Fast forward to this modern era, most women are more career driven than family focused. These women leave home by 6 am (sometimes earlier than her husband) to beat traffic and come back sometime around 9 pm because of traffic congestion. A woman at 35 years now will tell you she is not ready for marriage yet, she wants to climb the leadership ladder at her place of work first before considering settling down. These women have no time for their children keeping the upbringing of their children in the hands of the teachers at school and house helps are home. Some of these women even make more money than their husbands. They don’t ask their husbands for money for personal upkeep because they make enough money to take care of themselves. As the saying goes ‘where money goes, power follows’, these women seem to feel they have the right to question their husbands decisions or authority at home because they help in paying the bills. These women don’t wait for their husbands to buy them cars, they can afford it so they just go ahead and buy their own cars themselves.
In the olden days, when a couple has a fight the lady moves back to her father’s house and due to the fact that it is abnormal for a married woman to be staying in a father’s house, all hands are on deck to make sure the issue between her and her husband is resolved as soon as possible so as to pave the way for her to move back into her matrimonial home. In this modern era, if a couple has a fight the rich wife moves into her own flat in Lekki or Ajah or lodges in a hotel or in some cases when she is the owner of the family house, its the husband that moves out.
The question now is, do career women pose a threat to a peaceful marriage or does it even matter.

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  1. kenny smith says:

    Well I am not married but I think career woman does not pose a threat to a marriage and sometimes helps in reducing financial threats in some areas….#just saying#

    1. I agree with you bro…..

  2. Michelle says:

    This is such a biased article and it seems the author had already made up his mind before asking the question.

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for the reply. I feel you misunderstood the purpose of this article. As I said in the first two paragraphs, I am a supporter of female empowerment and the article was based on a friend’s point of view. In case you missed it please read the first 2 paragraphs again. Thanks dear

  3. Lesh J. says:

    Hmmm..I’m 25 and unmarried. I must be ancient then. Lol! Nice piece though. Women have evolved from ‘yes, sir..yes, sir’ to ‘honey, i’ve got this’. Personally, I love it. No man has the right to make any woman feel inferior or less important.

    1. “No man has the right to make any woman feel inferior or less important.”….you hit the nail on the head!…no man has the right, no man. Thanks dear

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