Why Girls Really Bleach

black n white

I was at the airport some days back when I saw this fair busty girl. I wouldn’t lie but she looked damn attractive even though she was too far from me to see her face but her fair complexion just made her look so good. It was then and only then that I found out what is wrong with my mentality and that of many Nigerians and why people actually bleach.
If three girls (one light skinned and 2 dark skinned) are walking pass 3 men and all things been equal (all the girls have equal ass and boobs), who do you think gets noticed the most?
If three girls (one light skinned and 2 dark skinned) go for a modelling casting, who do you think will get the job?
If a man wants to get married and has 3 girls in mind (one light skinned and 2 dark skinned) and all things been equal (same character, habits etc), who do you think the man will choose?
Are you aware that light skinned girls are more desired and sought after by men?
Are you aware that in some places, a light skinned girl’s bride price is higher than her dark skinned sister? I was watching CNN sometime last year and this report of bleaching was on. Guess which country uses bleaching products the most, Nigeria of course.


Sometimes we blame the girls that bleach, I am getting there but why don’t we as a society change our perception of ebony dark skinned girls. We tend to appreciate yellow things more than we appreciate dark skinned girls. We see yellow girls as clean and fresh while we see black girls as dirty. We have pushed our girls to lighten their skin in a bid to be accepted. How does being light skinned make a girl smart, diligent, a good cook, a faithful and loving wife, a wonderful mother, good in bed, responsible and hardworking. Her skin has nothing to do with her character. Racism is when people are discriminated against by the color of the skin, when a white man doesn’t see anything good in a black man. In a way, we are all racists because we tend to judge people by the color of their skin instead of their character. We tend to assume fair skin girls are better than dark skinned girls just by the color of their skin.
Now to the girls that bleach, I don’t know what you use and as a matter of fact I don’t care but why, why do you subject your self to such future heartache just to satisfy a society’s faulty mentality. Why would you make your face and hands lighter than your butt and inner thighs. Bleaching is telling God that He made a mistake in creating you the way you are, you are telling God you know more than He does. Bleaching your skin is a sign of inferiority complex and a major sign of low self esteem. As a comedian once said, if God sends an angel to deliver something to you and God gives the angel descriptions about you like she’s tall, DARK SKINNED, smart and humble and the angel comes and sees a LIGHT SKINNED girl, wouldn’t the angel think he has missed road?


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  1. ehis says:

    Nice 1 mr cool

    1. Thanks Ehis. God bless

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