SEX: 10 Mistakes Girls Make


n-COUPLE-BED-MAD-large570This write-up is based on mistakes girls made with me and gist I heard from guys and some girls also.
1. The article is for married/mature minds.
2. I am all in favor of abstinence till marriage but we all know people are having pre-marital sex and I am not here to pretend it doesn’t exist.
3. It’s sex related, if you are the holy holy type or overly judgmental please don’t read any further.
Now that is out of the way, lets proceed:

1. Allow a guy cum inside you: A girl that claims she doesn’t know when a guy having sex with her is about to cum will also tell you she doesn’t know when rain is about to fall. When a guy is about to cum, it is clearly visible on his face, his breathing increases, he tends to move in and out faster. If you guys aren’t  using a condom no matter the love you guys have for each other please make sure he withdraws before he deposits his seed inside you. Even if he eventually cums inside you, why should you give the sperm a chance at locating and fertilizing your eggs. The sperm stays as long as 3 days in your system before they die so as soon as he cums inside you, use preventive drugs to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

2. Having unprotected sex during ovulation period: The female undergoes what is called a menstrual cycle which may be 28 days. Her menstrual flow usually lasts between 3 to 5 days and the day it stops to about 3 days after is termed the safe days. These are the days when a single girl can have unprotected sex without getting pregnant. After the dry days, girls should not have unprotected sex for the next 9 to 10 days especially dangerous days like the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th days during which ovulation is likely to occur i.e. when the ripe egg will be passed out of the ovary. After ovulation, other days are free till menstruation starts again. Know your menstrual flow calender and follow it to avoid pregnancy. The ovulation period changes per body system so please know yours.

3. Too adventurous, too soon: I remember when a friend gisted me of a girl he was having sex with (friends with benefit). He told me the sex was good, too good to be true that he is scared of having sex with her again. I laughed because it sounded funny and asked him why and his answer baffled me, because the same thing he abhors is the same thing I He said it was the first time they were having sex but the girl was already asking him to do things he hadn’t done before, things like “spank my ass”, “give me from the back”, “lie done let me ride you”, “call me a bitch”. How does this girl know so much, you sure she wasn’t a porn star or a prostitute in her former life are the questions he asked me. When making love, introduce your sexual ideas slowly, never be in a hurry to show all the skills you learnt from all your former sexual experiences.

4. Too quiet: This is a phenomenon that most girls don’t know about or choose to ignore but I will have to tell you this so you learn and put it into practice. When having sex with a guy, the noise you make totally turns him on BIG time. The moans you make are not just a way of showing your enjoying the sex, its also a way of telling the guy ‘well done’, ‘keep doing what you’re doing’, ‘you are the man’. Those moans motivates a guy who is getting tired to draw on his reserve energy in order to keep the moaning coming out of your mouth. Don’t be quiet during sex, MOAN.

5. Not being vocal of what you want: When a girl has sex most times she follows the guy’s dictations like a mugu, he says turn you turn, he says lie down you lie down, he says stand up you stand up. What happened to what you want, your favorite position or how fast you want it. Remember in Mistake 3 I said the first time you have sex just follow his dictates but as soon as you guys are familiar enough, show him how you do it slowly and make sure you tell him what you want and how you want it. If you want it faster tell him, if you want it deeper tell him, if you want it from the back tell him. Your words turn guys on.

6. Missionary style focused: This is the truth and nothing but the truth. Most girls are so lazy sexually that lieing down and taking it is all they know how to do. Guys also moan you know but unless you get on-top of him and take control of the sexual adventure, you will not get the moans out of him.

7. Comparing him with someone else: The size of a guy’s willie has nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to do with how good he is in bed, as a matter of fact a guy is better off with good use of his tongue and his fingers than a big willie (that’s a story for another I have heard of girls’ disappointments when they find out the guys they are about having sex with has a small willie and starts comparing him with his ex with a big willie. Comparison hurts a guy’s ego and will eventually affect his performance and might end up affecting the relationship. There are many sexual positions to maximize a small willie like doggy style or cow girl for starters, try these and his small willie might be enough after all. Be contented.

8. Not washing before or after sex: Very big mistake that girls make. When a girl uses the toilet droplets of urine cling to her pubic hair and most times girls use tissue paper to clean it off. The thing is the smell of the urine remains on the pubic hair so my advice is if you fail to shave more often, make sure you use water to wash up then clean with tissue before wearing back your undies. Washing up before sex will also help a guy give you oral sex because most guys’ concern about giving a girl head is the condition of her private part. After sex, a lot of exchange of body chemicals and juice have occurred so endeavor to also wash-up.

9. Fake satisfaction: A guy once asked me how he could be certain a girl is enjoying the sex or how to know when she is cuming and I told him you can never know when she is faking it. Some girls fake it so as to make the guy feel satisfied that he has achieved or just to get him off her. He thinks you’re satisfied while you are not, who are you deceiving but yourself.

10. Let him video/snap you guys: Its funny and saddening at the same time when you see a sex tape of a couple. When such sex tape is released, except you are Kim Kardashian, you have just lowered your bride price and what do you think happens to the guy, he is a BIG boy. Sex is not fair, it tends to victimize girls and makes guys look like the boss. Never allow your boyfriend snap or video you guys having sex because even if his intentions for that video are genuine, his phone might get stolen, his laptop hacked or you both can even break up so what now happens to the video. Girls shine your eyes.

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