20 Relationship Mistakes Girls Make (Part 2)



This is the continuation of Part 1, if you missed it please read 20 Relationship Mistakes Girls Make (Part 1)
Let’s proceed:

11. Allow a man hit her:
There is no reason for a man to hit a woman, whether she hits him first or she insulted him second. When I hear ladies make excuses for their boyfriends, like ‘I think I deserved the beating because I insulted him’ or ‘he beats me but I am very sure he loves me’. These sort of excuses always belittles you and makes you look desperate. When a man slaps you during the relationship, he will beat you black and blue in marriage. Don’t tolerate an abusive boyfriend but if you end up getting married to an abusive man, as they say marriage is for better for worst, in peace and in beatings, you have to tolerate him and pray.

12. Be forgiving too easily:
When a man misbehaves, cheats on you or beats you and each time he begs, even kneels down crying and you forgive him too soon, expect the same episode to repeat itself again. I am not saying you should’t forgive but where is your pride and dignity. Give him a hard time before you take him back, give him an ultimatum like if you repeat it again, its over.

13. Sleep with him to keep him:
I remember when a friend asking for my advice told me of how she is being pressured by her boyfriend to have sex with him. He told her to prove her love for him by having sex with him even though he knew she was a virgin and had agreed not to disturb her sexually. The annoying part is that she even considered it, in her mind if she doesn’t have sex with him, she will loose him so in her narrow mind, having sex with him will keep him. Girls, having sex with a man will not keep him, you are only managing him for the mean time before he finds another girl that can perform wonders in bed.

14. Become his housewife:
Its funny and saddening how some girls make a guy’s house their property. Some girls will raise their legs when their mother is sweeping the house but when it comes to their man’s house, they even know how and where to place rat trap. They go and sweep, clean his place, they cook meals and put inside freezer, they wash his clothes and warm his bed. She is already acting the wife-to-be role, the only difference is that a ring is missing. Girls, please until he makes you a wife, don’t act like one.

15. Depend on a man financially:
Being independent is a liberating feeling for a lady. When you depend too much on a man, he over values himself and his importance in your life. He misuses his authority because he knows how much his money means to you. Be financially free from him or at least don’t make it too obvious that his money controls you.

16. Support a man financially:
I remember a true life story of a lady I heard on radio who was blinded so much by love that she was acting the role of sugar mummy when she was just a girlfriend. Her man always had an issue he needed to borrow money for and she always gave him the money out of love and trust. There is a limit to how much you can support a man, a man that isn’t ashamed of taking money from you is a 419er. RUN for your life.

17. Not protecting yourself sexually:
When a girl gets pregnant, who drops out of school? who gets the ridicule? who has to attempt abortion? who gets sent to the village to give birth so as not to spoil the family’s hard earned reputation? I am sure you know where I am going with this, its your responsibility to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies not your boyfriend.

18. Get pregnant for him:
This is funny, very funny. When a girl thinks that getting pregnant for a man will keep him and as soon as she tells him she’s pregnant the first thing you hear ‘who is responsible?’ If you think pregnancy/child birth can make a man marry you, why don’t you ask 2Face. Some guys will claim responsibility and want to marry you as soon as possible but many others will either deny the baby or ask you to abort it. Stop this madness.

19. Abandon your dreams for him:
I have seen girls that decide to study a course or attend a particular school in a bid to be close to their boyfriends. In some cases, they even abandon their dreams of modelling, acting, travelling outside the country because he doesn’t approve of it. Someone that is just a boyfriend, not even a fiance or husband. Be careful.

20. Meet his family too soon:
I was conversing with a friend who told me how a guy she just started dating wants her to go and meet his family and she respectfully said no, that it was too early for that. Meeting his family is not a guarantee that he is going to marry you, it just gives you that HOPE that might end up shattering your life after getting fond of his sisters and even taking good care of his mother. When the time is right, you will know, don’t force it.

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  1. mz Chinyere says:

    SO TRUE!!!!!!!!! Darlyn……am sure with articles and advices like dis,,,,,gurls would realise d best way,,on how 2 handle their relationships……ur a gurl and Shuld b treated with Respect,,,its WHO U ARE!!!!! Thanks Kurtis….ur God Sent 🙂

  2. Jennifer Thompson says:

    Tru talk o, na God go help we galz. Tanx sha

    1. hahahahaha……Jennifer oo..Na God my dear…God bless

  3. duchess says:

    20 is such an eye opener, I mean literally..cos I am about making this exact mistake…weeeoooow,tnx man…Godbless you works

    1. O yeah?….that’s very good to know. Be calm dear, no hurries

  4. Chinanu says:

    Woww….dst part of being his sugar mummy wen ure just his galfriend….smh

    1. lol….happens all the time my dear

  5. honey says:

    this whole relatioship thing is complicated…
    when you are nice hmmmm wahala….
    when you are calm and submissive hmmm you are desperate….
    Life is so Unfair to LADIES…

    1. hmmmmmm…..Honey Honey. Are you very sure?
      I am sure a lot of ladies will disagree with that assertion.

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