Sex: 10 Mistakes Guys Make


This write-up is based on mistakes I have made during sex or gists I have heard from my
1. The article is for married/mature minds.
2. I am all in favor of abstinence till marriage but we all know people are having pre-marital sex and I am not here to pretend it doesn’t exist.
3. It’s sex related, if you the ‘holy holy’ type or overly judgmental please don’t read any further.
Now that is out of the way, lets proceed:

1. Cum inside her: I will never forget this conversation I had with a cousin of mine many many years ago. He told me of how he had this affair with a girl and at one point he started avoiding her because he was afraid she was pregnant. Anytime she calls him, he wouldn’t pick but after a while of patiently waiting for the news and it wasn’t forthcoming, only then could he relax his mind.
Cuming inside a girl is a taboo to me, it’s an abomination in the highest order. Its either of two things; withdraw or use condom. There is one thing that associates cuming in a girl and that is lack of peace of mind, if she as much as tells you that she is a day late on her menstrual flow, you will start panicking. What sort of punishment is that just for 10 seconds pleasure. You use contraceptive, it will shock you one day, you use condom, it might burst one day. Enjoy your peace of mind and avoid depositing your seed in someone who is not your wife. Children are a gift from God, don’t make having one a burden.

2. Double condom use: I use to hear of guys who out of the fear of contacting STD from their partner use two condoms at once. Using two condoms is not even as safe as one condom used on its own. Reasons being that friction between two condoms when used during sex will increase chances of there being a tear or breakage and if that happens and your with the wrong person, your own don be.

3. Avoid Foreplay/Bad Foreplay: As I stated in the post “SEX (A Guy’s Perspective)”, sex to a guy is a short distance sprint that is if a guy can avoid foreplay, he would. A guy is always ready for sex, foreplay is just a way of him getting the girl ready for action. On the other hand, some guys are so bad at foreplay, most don’t even know where the girl’s soft spots are or how to play with her strings to make good music. It’s not all about the boobs and p***y, even her belly button could be an erotic spot. Be sensitive.

4. Comparing her to someone else: All guys have done this before, those moments when you enter her and she is not as tight as Nkechi or as flexible as Kemi or even as stylish in bed as Aisha and mentally you compare her to them. You don’t tell her but you just visualize it mentally and then you just try and manage the sex because as the saying goes ‘when the desirable is not available, the available becomes the desirable’. She is who she is, not who someone else is, stop comparing and start enjoying.

5. Not eat her out: I can categorically tell you that a girl will cum 3 times faster when given head than when having sex. The equivalent of a man’s penis in a lady’s body is her clitoris and during sex, the clitoris is not stimulated enough but during oral sex, it is very much stimulated which leads to a higher chance of orgasm. One of my sex codes is ‘If I can’t eat you, I can’t have sex with you’, its a ritual to me. Most guys avoid giving oral sex. As much as you enjoy head, I can bet you a girl enjoys it 3 times more. You appreciate her, don’t only be her head, give her

6. Too quiet: There is this notion that during sex, it’s the girl that does the “ooooo, ahhhhhh, ewooooo, give me more, shitttttt” (the moans I mean before your mind The notion is that the guy is deemed weak if he moans a bit or more than the girl. My brother hear this from me, if you like it, make her aware because she can’t read your mind, the only way she is sure that all her hard work is paying off is if you sound like it.

7. ‘The doggy style/Missionary style syndrome’: It seems when a couple has sex and missionary style or doggy style is not used then the sex is not complete. There are so many sex positions and depending on the flexibility of the girl, sex positions usable are unlimited. Instead of copying a dog or the missionary, create your style and give it a name you both can remember. *wink*

8. Pain or Pleasure: Most guys don’t know when a girl is moaning out of pain or pleasure, well neither do In most cases girls will either be too shy or forming macho to tell you (I-can-handle-the-pain mentality). All I can say is, be sensitive and ask questions. If you’re not sure you are hurting her or not, ask questions like ‘are you enjoying it?, do u like it that way?, should I go faster?, should I slow down?’.

9. Not spicing up his sex life enough: If you have seen Tyler Perry’s The Temptations: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, then you will fully understand this mistake very well. If all you do is sex with your partner in the room behind locked doors, lights off then your definitely still a learner. what happened to the kitchen (on top of the deep freezer or the table), in the car, on the beach, in the office. Spice up your sex life joh.

10. Desiring a porn styled sex life: Guys started porn even before they were disvirgined and most of them have seen what girls in porn can do and now expect their girls to be porn stars over night. In porn, some girls swallow a guy’s sperm and some even take it in the asshole so a guy now expects his girl to take it in the ass or swallow his Do you know how much they pay those girls to do such ridiculous things?, do you know the kind of drugs they ingest to endure such pain?. Bros relax, you want porn sex, get a porn star don’t kill someone’s child biko.

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  1. Omobowale says:

    Bravo!!! So intersting, keep it up dear

    1. Thank you so very much…glad you like it…Cheers

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