SEX (A Guy’s Perspective)


This brief write-up is a follow-up to the first titled “SEX (A Girl’s Perspective). This documents a guy’s view of sex and its made up of knowledge gained from years advising people on sex, books I have read, documentaries watched and experience gained .

1. A guy’s first sexual adventure starts in embarrassment. Most times a guy that is a virgin thinks and dreams sex, so when he eventually has sex, he is too eager to impress the girl (especially if she’s not a virgin) and ends up cuming too quickly and embarrasses himself in the process.

2. Sex is a short distance sprint to a guy while its a long distance race to a girl. A girl’s body needs warming up before it can reach full speed while a guy’s body needs no warming up.

3. Most guys can take head but don’t give head. I remember having a conversation with two of my guys over 5 years ago and we were discussing oral sex. I told them I love giving my girl head and they were like ‘God forbid, I can never do that’ but they don’t mind the girl giving them head, how selfish. Most guys just think about themselves and forget the girl’s sexual needs.

4. A guy’s mission during sex is to cum.When most guys are having sex, there is only one thing on their mind…cuming. Some don’t even know how to please a girl or how to make her cum, all their selfish minds concentrate on is what pleases them not what pleases her.

5. A girl’s sex life is a mixture of pain and pleasure, whereas a guy’s sex life is pleasure, pleasure and more pleasure.

6. A guy is always in the mood. Guys are always ready for sex. Wake a guy up from sleep and he is ready to go.

7. A guy can have sex with any available girl whereas a girl only has sex with a desired mate.

8. When a man is having sex everything else is at a standstill whereas when a girl is bothered about something sex will not be enjoyable.

9. A guy can meet a girl now and desires to bed her immediately without as much as knowing her name.

10. A lady’s body is filled with so many sensitive sexually responsive spots (neck, ear, back, thighs etc) whereas a guy’s sexual activity starts and ends with his d***. Its that simple. Make his d*** happy, make him happy.

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