20 Relationship Mistakes Girls Make (Part 1)


Girls are fond of making mistakes in their relationships. In the course of my counselling sessions with ladies, I have collated the top 20 mistakes they tend to make in relationships.

1. Enter a relationship with a broken unhealed heart:
Never enter a relationship with an unhealed heart. Some ladies enter a relationship either to make their ex jealous or because they need someone’s shoulder to cry on. Always remember, a wounded antelope is a lion’s dreams come true. Heal before you date.

2. Enter a new relationship with strong feelings and unfinished business with her ex:
Never enter a relationship still harboring feelings for your ex because as they say there is no smoke without fire. The smoke here is the love you still have for your ex, the fire is when you cheat on your boyfriend with him. Settle the old before you start the new.

3. Desperate to be loved:
Desperation according to JC Penny is a stinky cologne. A hunter kind of guy can smell a desperate lady from a thousand miles away and he will take full advantage of you. Even if you like him, hide it small na, be coded and don’t act too desperate or else you have lost your bargaining chip.

4. Marriage focused:
Don’t meet a man and in your mind you have already concluded you want to marry him even before he pops the question or sometimes even before you guys start dating. Takes things slow in your mind I mean, your current boyfriend might not even be your future husband. #jussaying#

5. Not loving yourself enough:
Do you love yourself enough for a man to love you too?, entering a relationship that a man loves you more than you love yourself is a recipe for disaster.

6. Fight with another girl for a man:
We have all heard stories of confrontations by two women where words like ‘husband snatcher’, ‘I will deal with you if I see you near my boyfriend again’, ‘stay away from man’ are thrown around etc. Its appalling that when a woman finds her man cheating, its the other woman that is at fault not her man. Grow up girl and smell the roses.

7. Monitor his movements:
Nothing annoys a man more than when a lady that tends to monitor his movements with words like ‘baby where are you?, who are you with?, where have you been?, who just called you?”. If a man will cheat, a man will cheat, even if you carry mopo around to follow him. Trust him and if you can’t trust him, leave him.

8. Show excessive love:
Showing excessive love is giving a guy room to take you for granted. I am not championing pretense here, I am not saying you shouldn’t show him how you really feel, all I am saying is too much of everything is not good. The same way too much sugar is not good for the body, showing excessive love is not good for a relationship. Be smart.

9. Seek relationship advice from girlfriends:
It is silly when I hear that girls actually seek relationship advice from their girlfriends. Your girlfriends no matter how sincere their intentions are will either be biased in their assessment of your relationship issue or not experienced enough to handle the situation. Speak to reasonable people you trust and if that’s your girlfriend, so be it. Remember one thing, a problem told is a problem half solved, don’t die in silence.

10. Have sex all the time:
This is my take on sex, its one of the most intimate things a couple could ever share but having sex all the time makes the relationship stale. I will rather be with a girl that loves playing video games and watching Premier League games with me than a girl that is a machine in bed. Make sex a once in a while thing, not an all of the time routine. This gives you guys time to reason, learn and have fun together.

Continuation……………… 20 Relationship Mistakes Girls Make (Part 2)

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