When Men Are Cowards


There are certain things a man does to a woman that I term as cowardice. They include:

1. Beating a woman: A worried friend pinged me early last year and complained about her “loving” boyfriend who beats her. The loving is in quotation marks because I still find it hard to comprehend two things. One is the fact that a man who truly loves a girl ends up beating her at the slightest provocation and two, a girl receives the beating, cries about it and still waits around for round 2..SHOCKING!!!. This is my opinion of women beaters, they are simply cowards. If you feel macho enough to lay your filthy hands on someone’s child, why don’t you man up and face someone your gender and size. You claim to love her and in most cases, they actually do but your temper and disregard for femininity is obvious. And to the girls that keep suffering and smiling and keep giving excuses like “I think I deserved it” or “I know he loves me”, I hope you will be able to keep up with this beating for the rest of your life if you both end up married.

2. Turning a career woman into a housewife: This is the true life story of my ex who got married last year. We dated for over a year but broke up due to commitment issues on my part (don’t judge o, you don’t know the full story..lol). She finished school and got married to her fiance sometime last year. The issue she has now is, she loves her man and her man loves her but her man doesn’t want her to work. At all, at all. She told me how jealous he is, a guy is not allowed to call her if he’s around, she doesn’t leave the house without the driver. You might call this trust issues, but this girl is one of the most trustworthy human beings I know. Why would a man limit his wife both mentally and financially and make her over dependent on him. This is my opinion, this kind of man is a coward. He can’t stand his wife making money and standing up to him, he wants to be able to control her and he fears if she makes her own money she might not need him financially and he might loose this control.

3. Cheating on a good faithful woman: I can’t explain why people cheat, everyone has an excuse or the other but when a guy cheats on a good faithful girl then I can as well term him a coward. There are women and there are good faithful women. A good faithful woman is that lady that gives you her all, supports you through thick or thin, forgives you when you err and has you in mind at all times. This is how I will like to explain cheating, the 80%-20% rule. A man has a good faithful girlfriend/wife who has 80% of what he desires in a woman (no one is perfect so she definitely is not 100%). He finds the 20% his wife lacks in another girl but unknown to him the 80% his wife has, this new girl lacks it. So he settles with 20% and leaves 80%, if this were to be a business venture, isn’t this guy the dumbest investor ever. Cheating is inexcusable, if your tired, just leave.

4. Sleeping with underage girls: A friend pinged me and told me about a girl he liked and wants to “do”. He told me how beautiful, sweet, sexy and smart she is, and then I asked him how old she was and he said she is 16. This dude is older than me and he wants to in his own words “do” a 16 year old girl and by he’s salivatory remarks he couldn’t wait to sleep with her. He’s excuse is she looks much older than her age and to me that’s not good enough and doesn’t change the fact that she is just 16. A mature man seeping with a baby (any girl below 18) for me is a coward. Some might say some 17 year old girls are mature and all but mind u, the age of sexual consent in Nigeria is 18 so be careful. Ask for her age, she’s under 18. RUN like I do..lol.

5. Rape a girl: I wrote an article on rape and how to avoid it, if you missed it please have a look. It baffles me on how a man can gag a girl, slap her around, penetrate her while she is crying, injure her in the process and still have the effrontery to spill his abominable seed inside her. Only a pervert, a coward raised to power 100 can do such a thing. Sex is one of the most beautiful things created by God for a married couple to enjoy, it should commence with consent from both parties involved, accompanied with the usual satisfactory “ooohs and ahhhs” from both partners and not one person forcing the other and one person crying in pain and the other deriving sexual gratification in the process.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Die Trying says:

    There should be a whole lot more articles on this issue.Well Written, thanks 🙂

    1. I find it weird calling u Die Trying so I’ll stick with DT..I agree with you, I’ll do my best to write more on such issues. Thanks DT..*wink*

  2. Die Trying says:

    Lol…yes it must be strange, never thought about it, but please, my name is Miranda and I loved this post because I could not have written it better myself. Coward…that says it all. I am so very aggressive about women’s issues, so this rang true to me. Thank you again xxx

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