Understanding HER private part



I was in J.S.S 2 when a tour of my mother’s library began my quest for understanding the female metabolism. I came upon the book titled “The Woman”, till today I can’t remember the name of author but embedded in the pages of that book was everything about a woman, from birth till death, from her private parts to her public parts, from breast feeding to childbirth, from menstruation to menopause. At age 12 or so, I read that book from front to back twice and I knew more about the female body than my own body. So if your asking yourself how I know so much about the female body, I just revealed to you the origin (my mum doesn’t know this but after reading this write-up she definitely will..lol).
Back to the real matter, what I am about telling you is what only 2 girls out of 30 I asked knew about their private parts. This piece is purely for educational purposes and not for “rotten minds” so if your not here to learn, please read another article on my blog. So now that is cleared lets dive straight into the deep end.
Some people call it pussy (I still wonder the origin of this name) while others call it vagina (vagina is just part of what makes it what it is, just like calling the engine of a car a car). For this piece I am going to refer to it by its original name “the vulva”.
The vulva is made up of many components that work hand in hand to make functional. Let’s proceed.

The hymen is a small collar of tissue attached to the vaginal wall just inside the vaginal opening. All women are born with a hymen but not all women die with a hymen. Let me explain, when a girl has sex for the first time, the penis tears the hymen and it bleeds (that is why you bled when you had sex for the first time). A point of caution is that some virgins already have their hymen torn maybe through rigorous exercise or careless fingering or masturbation so that doesn’t mean if a girl doesn’t bleed the first time she has sex then she is not a virgin. Another point of caution is that due to the elasticity of the hymen and maybe the smallness of the visitor (penis in this case), a girl might have sex for the first time and not bleed.
So to determine the virginity of a girl, her private part is checked for the presence of the hymen, and she is assumed a virgin when the hymen is still intact but the message I am trying to pass across is that the presence or absence of a girl’s hymen doesn’t really determine her virginity or non-virginity as the case may be.

The mons pubis forms the anterior portion of the vulva which is situated over the pubic bone and its filled with fatty tissue. The size of the mons pubis depends on the body fat and level of hormone in the babe and its usually covered with pubic hair.

The urethral orifice (opening) is the external opening of the urethra from where urine is ejected during urination. I can tell you categorically that most girls I asked thought urine comes out from their vagina unknown to them there was another opening in front of the vagina for this function.

The labia minora is what’s usually referred to as the pussy lips (vaginal lips). This is the two flaps of skin located just beside the vaginal opening inside the labia majora. The labia minora defers in size and shape from woman to woman. In most cases the labia minora covers the vaginal opening from dust because when inactive it covers the vaginal opening. The type of skin the labia minora has is similar to the type of skin the penis has.

The labia majora are the outer folds of skin surrounding the vulva and gives it its shape. It is on this slab of skin that bush hair grows and has to be shaved periodically. The type of skin the labia majora has is similar to the type of skin the man’s scrotum (balls) has.

The vagina is the hollow, muscular tube that extends to the cervix. It is this part of the vulva that receives the guest and makes him feel welcome. After the guest feels welcome, he releases gifts which travel through the vaginal walls into the cervix and meets with the eggs and a baby is formed. Its also through this part of the vulva that the baby travels during childbirth.
The vaginal opening on the other hand is the entrance to the vagina.

Last but not the least is the clitoris or clit for short. It is the most sexually sensitive part of a woman’s genitalia. The clitoris is the equivalent of the penis in the man but it is twice more sensitive than the penis. The clitoris is usually in a “laid back” state when inactive but when a lady is aroused, blood flows into the clitoris and it stand erect. The shape of a clitoris is dependent on the girl in question, some have big clits while others have small clits. In some diabolic traditions in Africa, the clitoris are removed or cut off in a process called FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) or simply as female circumcision in a bid to reduce a girl’s promiscuousness.

Information is powerful and hope this piece was able to provide you with a little knowledge of the female genitalia.

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