I started my dating life very late in relation to my mates who started dating as early as 11 or 12, I started dating at 17 or so. From the onset of my love life I discovered that I had a thing for girls older than I was, in that I saw girls younger than me as inexperienced and childish to the extent that if I asked a girl for her age and she was older than me, it gave me this added incentive to continue what we guys call “the chase”
In one of my early times as a single shy boy I met this very young looking girl that charmed her way into my senses, after a while of constant communication she asked me the dreaded question, how old are you?. Before I answer such questions, I weight up the girl, consider when she finished secondary school and with that amour I can guess her age in my head and add a few years to my original age so as to seem older than I though she was. So I guessed she was 23 years old and added 2 years to my original years and told her I was 24 years old but to my surprise she told me that even with her little stature she was 25 years and had doubts dating me a 24 year old guy (I was originally 22 years as I pointed out earlier).
Fast forward 2 years later after we broke up (due to certain reasons), I asked her why she decided to date a guy younger than she was for all and she said she dated me because:
1. I didn’t act my age, she had to remind herself my age a times.
2. I respected her and cared for her more than any guy she ever dated.
3. I showed her love and support.
4. I made her feel like a woman and in her words only a man can make a lady feel like a woman, a boy can’t.
To tell you the truth, I have dated and I have seen things but I can tell you categorically that no girl has accorded me the kind of respect that she did. She was 3 years older than me but the fact that I was her boyfriend meant I was the head of the relationship and she gave me the respect and I reciprocated with the love she deserved.
This is the dilemma facing many people in relationships today and the question I will try to answer with this write-up is: Does age really matter?
A friend pinged me sometime last year and told me about a friend who was a year or so younger than his girlfriend but had to lie he was older with the fear that she wouldn’t date him if she found out she was older. The issue now was he wanted to propose to her and had to tell her the truth, but is afraid she will let the age barrier affect the relationship. I told him not to tell her directly but ask her a few questions before telling her, he did and the rest they say is history.
I stand to believe that girls that see age as an issue are girls with respect issues.
If your boss in the office is younger than you, would you not respect him?
If you are older than your lecturer, would you not respect him, listen in class and do your exams properly?
This also applies to relationships, the Bible says in Ephesians 5:33 “..the wife must respect her husband”, the Bible also affirms this piece of advice in 1 Peter 3 “wives, respect and obey your husbands..” It didn’t say ‘wives respect your husbands if he is older than you’, as long as you see him as the head of the relationship, the head of the marriage, respect for him will flow out very easily. This piece of advice is not one sided, Ephesians 5:25 says “Husbands love your wife…”, so for as long as the man loves his girlfriend/wife and the woman respects her husband/boyfriend, how can age come between them. If you can see beyond his age and accord him the respect he deserves and not bring up the very immature “I am even older than you, no wonder your acting so childish” statement when you guys have an argument then you guys are gonna go far.
Taking a cue from the celebrities, Eva Longoria is 36 and she is currently dating Eduardo Crus who is 25 and Jennifer Lopez who is 42 is also dating Casper Smart who is 24 years. What do these gorgeous and successful ladies have in common?, they found LOVE and COMFORT in the arms of men very much younger than them. As long as a man loves you, cherishes you and adores you and you respect and reverence him, what is age to come between you both?
Age is just an excuse that people give because they are scared of what people will think, scared of what their parents will say, so they let love die because age said so. Would you rather spend your life with someone younger than you and live happily ever after or spend your life with someone older than you and wish you hadn’t. Ask yourself this question ladies before you let age interfere with love.
I have a friend who I usually refer to my elder sister, she is currently dating a guy she older than with over 2 years and from what she has told me, no one has ever made her happier and more loved, she said she will love to spend the rest of her life with this man.
I will end with these quotes, one from Jennifer Lopez’ boyfriend Casper smart who tweeted “Age, status, n opinions of others are irrelevant. Our hearts are endless and our souls infinite” and the last quote from Mark Twain who said “Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”.
So I’ll ask again, does age really matter?
I hope you have an answer.


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  1. Ifeanyi says:

    Nice piece ,,, In my opinion, Age doesn’t rily play a larger role during courtship(shortrun), but goin into marriage(Longrun) were u are expected to get everything right before embarking on the journey, I personally think it matters alot.

    1. I agree with you although I stand of the opinion that its effect on the marriage is totally dependent on the couple.

  2. Lesh J. says:

    Just came across your blog, Kurtis and you’ve got nice write-ups. About the matter of age and love, I beg to differ! I’ve had an experience with a younger dude and it sucked! I’m 25 and he’s 23 but I try to forget our age difference but his damn nonchalant attitude keeps reminding me…like what are you doing with this kid? Lol! so I don’t do younger guys. The older, the better 🙂

    1. Hmmmm!…I think you made it an issue that’s why it became an issue to you. You focused on the age aspect so anything he did that brought up his immaturity, the age issue came up. I’ll ask you a question, if he was let’s say 28 and he still had the same “damn nonchalant attitude”, would the age difference be an issue then?…I tot not!…*wink*. Thanks for sharing tho

  3. Lesh J. says:

    LOL! Well, if he was 28..I would probably leave him. Maturity is a HUGE deal for me. A man has to act matured and responsible…that’s how I fall in love with people..really. Lol! I’m a weirdo!

    1. Lol…now ur talking!..dat goes to prove that the age wasn’t the issue, the lack of maturity was. *wink to Lesh ‘the weirdo’*

  4. Kenny Smith says:

    Oops….nice write up at the right time……as long as there is love,my brother age just doesn’t count at all…

    1. Age bows down to love, they are not even

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