SEX (A Girl’s Perspective)


This very brief write-up documents a girl’s view of sex, this is made up of years advising people on sex, books I have read, documentaries watched and experience gained (not the kind of experience your thinking
Let’s commence:

1. Two of a woman’s worst fears involve the use of her p*y; when she is delivering a baby and when she is being dis-virgined. A girl’s first real sexual adventure usually starts with apprehension, fear and then finally pain.

2. Sex is long distance race to a girl in the sense that a girl’s body takes a longer time to react to sexual stimulus than a guy’s body. Whereas a guy’s sexual coordination is controlled by his d*k, that of a girl is controlled by what I’ll call her “horny point(s)”. To turn a guy on, just be naked, but to turn a girl on do something to get her wet so for a girl to be ready for sex, she has to be well turned on.

3. Girls can be too unselfish for their own good. I have heard stories of many girls that give head to their spouse even though their spouse refused to give them head. If you can inconvenient yourself for him, why can’t he inconvenient himself for you.

4. I was once having a conversation with a girl that had no idea that girls also cum and most girls don’t know. A girl’s sexual life has been influenced so much by guys that they believe that sex stops when a guy cums. A man’s destination most times is to cum, a girl’s destination is unknown because whereas a few have sex to cum, others have sex to enjoy it while most have sex just to make their man cum.

5. What makes a girl’s sex life more interesting than that of a man is the fact that it is most times a mixture of pleasure and pain. For a man sex is simply pleasure, pain to a man is non-existence but to a woman pain is dependent on the size of her partner’s d*k, sexual position used during intercourse and wetness of her p*y.

6. Guys are always ready for sex but for girls factors like her menstrual flow, her mood and some other factors determines her readiness for sex.

7. Whereas a guy can have sex with any available girl, a girl only has sex with a desired mate.

8. When a girl is having a fight/argument with her spouse then sex will not be enjoyable but even if landlord is at the door with ejection notice, when a man is having sex everything else is at a standstill.

9. A guy can meet a lady now and doesn’t mind having sex with her immediately but a girl would want to at least know you first.

10. A guys sexual activity usually starts and ends with one place (we know but for a lady, her body is filled up with so many sensitive sexually responsive spots (neck, ear, back, thighs and those spots u and I



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