7 Types of Men Not To Marry

When a girl goes shopping, she has in mind what she intends buying but upon getting to the store and the thing she wants is either sold out or unavailable, she might end up making a compromise and buying something else. This is the same mindset that girls nowadays enter marriage with, “well, I know he’s not spiritual and he beats me but I’l manage and try to change him”. Don’t compromise your future, as a friend said “forever is a long time so make sure u spend it with someone your not managing”.
The list below are the 7 types of men to avoid getting married to till they change:

1. Mummy’s Boy: Something I learnt from a very tender age is that when a man is born and grows up there is one woman that he should love, adore, respect and protect more than anyone else and that is his mother followed by sister(s) if he has any. As soon as he says “I DO” on the altar the equation changes, his wife now becomes his number one love and should choose her above every other person on earth. So when your dating a man that every time you hear “mummy said I shouldn’t do this or mummy said I should do that or mummy doesn’t want me to marry a yoruba girl or mummy doesn’t like your hair”, this kind of man will later tell you in marriage that “mummy said I should marry another wife to give me a boy”. Stay far from mummy’s boys till they grow up.

2. Men with unexplanable wealth: If your dating a man that you find it hard to explain his source of wealth. Make sure your not getting married to a 419ner or a ritual killer or money launderer  because when they come to arrest him, he will run and leave you.

3. Non-spiritual men: The Bible recognizes the man as the head of the home (2 Corinthians 11:3), this also includes the spiritual head. You go to a man’s house and you find dust on his Bible and he doesn’t have a bible app on his ipad/phone..beware. A man that misses road when driving to church..beware. Let me tell you the truth, it is not the love a man has for you that will keep him from beating you or cheating on you, it is the fear of God in him that keeps him in check. If this fear is absence, fear him.

4. Men that drink (too much): It is no secret that the fastest way to get the truth from someone is not even threatening the person or beating the person, just get the person drunk..lol. When a man is a drunk, your the next punching bag. Avoid men that drink excessively.

5. Violent Men: My pastor once made a statement that made me laugh but in the laughter I saw the sense in it. He said “If a man is giving you shaloo now, he will beat you in marriage”, shaloo is when he says “I will slap you if you annoy me or I will kick you if you ask me that question again but never really goes that far, in marriage I promise you he will fulfill his word. I detest men that beat women so if your man beats you now and you want to marry him by force, you better learn boxing or else you will spend more time in hospital for the bruises than for childbirth.

6. A Non-supportive man: When you call your boyfriend and all he does is talk about his business/career, he never asks you how your own career is growing or progressing. This is the type of man that will take good care of you but will never sacrifice for you. You need a man that always tasks you, strives to make you a better woman and longs to see you succeed in your career pursuits.

7. Sex Addict: I have heard stories from girls that their boyfriends like sex pass food, as one girl put it “the guy eeeeh, he no dey let person rest..haba, na machine?”…now this is vital and take note, marry someone that has the same or at least similar sexual orientation like you do. You marry someone that likes sex twice a day (that’s 14 times a week) and your very okay with sex twice a week…hmmmmm!!!….very risky business venture o..lol

Remember, with God all things are possible, he is one of the above?..pray and be patient and hopefully he changes.

20 Comments Add yours

  1. kenny smith says:

    That is why you are Kurtis the true son of Mr Smith…thumbs up my niggar

    1. hahahaha…..Oga Smith oooo…lol

  2. ehis says:

    U r vry correct

    1. Really?…that’s good to know…Wpheew *wipes eyebrows*

  3. kosoko sadiq abiodun says:

    well said sir. thanks for the inspirational words always. keep d fire blazing.

    1. Your very welcome Sir. Thanks for the support and the kind words. God bless

  4. ohiza says:

    Nice one *thumbs up* 4 of this I can attribute to concerning myself…. Cool

    1. Oooo yeah…thnak dear. Remain blessed and make sure you come back for more…*wink*

  5. tally Raymonds says:

    Wonderful piece

    1. Thanks again Tally. I can see you like posts about men…*wink*

  6. D banj says:

    like this piece

    1. Thanks bro….stay blessed

  7. ak proverbz says:

    Nice 1 brov….true talk

    1. Thanks bro….God bless

  8. precious says:

    Mr smith i rily love this eye opening caution. Buh i need to ask you a questn. ‘M having an issue with the sex addiction concerning my fiancee

    1. Hmmmmmm…..sex addiction?…whose addicted?…you? him? or both of you?

  9. Xaune says:

    how wuld u knw if u ve d same sex orientation wen u abstain?

    1. For starters, play the sex question game. You both ask each other about sex, likes and dislikes. You can have an idea of his sexual orientation without having to get in bed with him.

  10. Ova Sur+ says:

    Wow!….nice one bro….Tnx

    1. Thanks mama mia…xo

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