For Ladies Only: Love Yourself Girl


I am a fan of J.Cole’s music and was listening to one of the tracks off his latest album ‘Born Sinner’ titled Crooked Smile and the lyrics to the song spurred me on to write this article.
Crooked smile is J.Cole’s way of addressing the insecurities ladies face in this modern world as regarding their looks.
God made you beautiful and according to J.Cole “…no need to fix what God already put His paint brush on” because no matter how much make-up you put on to smoothen and enhance your facial features, no matter the country’s hair you use whether Brazilian or Indian to cover up your short beautiful African hair, no matter how much padded bra you wear you enhance your burst, no matter how many inches of hip pad you wear to enhance your hip line, you can’t change the looks that God gave you.
In my father’s days, skinny ladies were considered unfed while big (plumpy) ladies were the most desired, fast forward to this day and age, the influx of Hollywood, fashion where only skinny girls are considered suitable for modelling and even advertorials display skinny ladies on the cover of popular brands. There has been this paradigm shift from ladies accepting themselves for who they are to ladies doing everything to be accepted for who they are not. It seems the more technology advances, the skinnier and fake our ladies become, funny but true.
This development has led to ladies riddled with insecurities surrounding their outward appearance and some eagle eyed guys can spot an insecure girl from a thousand miles and take full advantage of this trait. Loving yourself is not only appreciating the beauty but basically entails accepting the flaws.
My pastor once made a statement that resonated in my senses “a lady could be beautiful but a beautiful lady with bad manners will never keep a man happy”. Your looks can get you a man but my dear they are not enough to keep a man.
I am not trying to say looks don’t matter, of course they do but self-acceptance and self-confidence is way more important.
I’ll finish with one of J. Cole’s lines in the Crooked Smile song “…what’s real is something that the eyes can’t see (your beauty), that the hands can’t touch (your body), that them broads can’t be (broad means woman meaning other women can’t be you), and that’s you. Yes YOU, not the curves or make up filled face, what you carry on your inside.

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Listen/Download Crooked Smile by J.Cole:


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