My “Powerful” Testimony


I shared this testimony on the 23th of October 2013 during midweek service in church which as God would have it was the same day it happened.

Shared it with my friends on BBM and Facebook and so many were blessed. Some days back after I opened my blog a friend besought me to share it on my blog that he was sure it was gonna bless someone somewhere the same way it blessed him.
There are 5 powerful lessons to learn from this testimony:
1. The power of positive confession
2. Thanking God even when things aren’t going fine
3. Confidence in God
4. The powerless nature of the devil
The testimony goes thus:
On the 1st of July 2013 I sat for a certification exam (NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety..see the heavy name sef).
This exam costs over N250k and e hard die with failure rate over 80%. I read for the exam the same time I was reading for another exam, a coursework (assignment in master’s language) and my master’s project. Results came out in September & they gave me 44 (watch my words, “they”) and cutoff mark was 45, so “they” said I failed by just 1 mark and I had to reseat the exam.
I prayed and thanked God for the result and I rejected it instantly because failure is not my portion. I payed N12,000 for my answer script to be remarked in faith. I kept the result “they” gave me under my bed (to show the devil that he is below me). Anytime people ask, did you pass NEBOSH I say yes (although the result said otherwise).
I kept on confessing that the results will be changed and 2 marks will be added to the 44 “they” gave me. I prayed about it just twice, I didn’t worry one bit because I know the battle is not mine but the Lords’.
I got back from work on the 23rd of October and enclosed in an envelope was a letter from NEBOSH themselves apologizing for the earlier result and after remarking, those 2 marks that I had confessed with my mouth were added and I got a 46 and also enclosed was my certificate and to get the devil over upset, they refunded the N12,000 I payed for the remark of my script.
The devil is a toothless paper tiger, what has he told you that you believe? Whose report do you believe?..well I believed the report of the Lord and God didn’t disappoint me. Use your mouth to confess positivity into your life, never accept defeat or setbacks. Never confess sickness, lack, limitation, poverty etc.
God bless us all.


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  1. kinikanwo khoj says:

    Wen I read ur testimony the first time(I don’t read BC messages on bb, but sometin caught my attention) , I had goose pimples all over me. It dawn on me that God is the same everywhere. Exodus 14 vs 1- End, Lamentation 3 vs 19-37.
    During my Masters in the UK(Salford Uni precisely) I had a dream Dec 2012 that I missed this particular exam, in a particular way, would be wearing a particular shirt…..I woke up n shared wit my frnd in Nigeria….she said it was a dream, I should just read and prepare n also pray about it. My dear friends, I decided not only to pray but also fast not becoz of the dream coz by den I had forgotten abt it (all the excitement of Christmas). Loh n behold d exam started in Jan 2013, we wrote the 1st, it was splendid, I came back thanking God, preparing for the next….I would say I was over prepared and with that in mind and a confidence of a lion, I decided to sleep @abt 7am (after reading n preparing all night) the day of the exam thinkin it was 4pm for the exam time (unknown to me it has been shifted to 9am). God showed himself Worthy and Faithful when he allowed my friend forget his phone on my bed not even on my table. Now after shutting my door cos my friend had gone, I arranged my bed and was ready to sleep like a baby ( u knw how UK weda is in Jan), at abt 8am…my bed was viberating, I looked at my table my phones where on it, I decided to shut my eyes…it continued viberating n I ransacked my bed only to find out dat my frnd forgot his phone, I was angry coz it means I hav to go give him his phone, u knw hw exam periods are. Only for my housemate to knock coz she heard my voice and when I opened the door, she was shocked am at home while exam was going on, at that point I remembered the Dream just like Peter when he denied JESUS….confused as I was, I dashed to the exam hall, after much pleading got a script, but the confusion was now an exponetial form cos I cld not write anytin, all I did was to cry and say ” God show urself”. My frnds God showed hmself dat I passed that course even with higher grade than pple dat had no complain, he gave me the Highest score in my Dissertation amongst my peers and He gave me my heart Desire.
    I can’t stop sharing this Testimony, on 31st Dec 2013…..I remembered all my trials starting frm my exams, project, scores, no knot on my front tyre while driving God didn’t allow the tyre pullout, under went a major operation wen I came back to 9ja…I was told my bowels(intestines) moved down to my scrotum, in all this things God is Faithulful….Always have a heart of thanks

    God bless you all

    1. Very powerful. God bless you very sharing Sir

  2. Pure Glory says:

    We speak life and death with our tongue. God is good! Powerful!

    1. Proverbs 18:21. People fail to realize the power of the tongue. Thanks dear

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