Find out if your dating Caro or Ada in “Caro vs Ada”

Caro and Ada

From my previous post on this matter, I defined who a Caro and an Ada is ( in case you missed it, check:, so for this episode, I am going to compare both Caro and Ada weighting the pros and cons of both type of girls.  Enough said, let’s proceed:

1. Caro is a girlfriend material while an Ada is a wife material.
2. Caro wants to marry an already made man, she lacks personal goals and wants to depend on her spouse. This doesn’t mean a single ‘Caro’ woudn’t hustle for money, she will do anything to survive but after hustling to survive, Caro would never settle down with an average guy. On the other hand, Ada wants to be a rich wife, she has goals and is very hardworking.
3. Caro stimulates her man sexually, she is very good in bed and knows all the styles, whether doggy even helicopter style sef, she sabi am. Ada is also very good in bed but not as experienced as an Ada but the difference between both is while Ada stimulates her man both sexually and mentally, Caro only stimulates her man sexually.
4. Ada will readily marry an average guy with prospects but for Caro, if your not already ‘made’, don’t even come close.
5. It’s very difficult to find a heartbroken Caro because she is sharp and knows when she is been played, Ada always gets heartbroken because they are the type that falls blindly in love.
6. Ada will stay with a guy that misbehaves or isn’t giving her the love and care she deserves while a Caro will not take nonsense from any man.
7. Caro will never get pregnant for a man, she knows her onions on pregnancy and how to avoid it. An Ada with her love blind attitude will most times get pregnant for her boyfriend, 8 in 10 single mothers are Ada
8. If an Ada gets pregnant, she immediately knows who is responsible. A Caro gets pregnant, she is not sure who is responsible because them
9. Caro and Ada are both good sexually but the sexual difference between both type of girls is that whereas Caro uses sex as a weapon to get what she wants from a man, Ada uses sex as a weapon to keep a man.
10. Caro will sleep with a guy then end up loving him, Ada will love a guy and end up sleeping with him.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. mz Chinyere says:

    #lmao•••• Ama CARO~ADA biko

    1. You don’t even have a Caro bone in your body so don’t even go

  2. Adaobi Chikaodinaka Ozor says:

    Lolx… Kk… So nw wat am i…? Lemme think… I’ll get back to u.. 🙂

    1. hahahaha……we are waiting…lol

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