Christians Are Always Too Quick To Judge Others


“Christians are the most judgmental people on earth” was a statement I made in a write-up I called “Christians Mistakes (Part 1)”. I thought that statement was a little too harsh while writing that article but something that happened today on my blackberry messenger affirmed the fact that Christians are really the most judgmental people on earth.
Let me tell you the story from the beginning (I know say una like, so here goes:
I put up the picture below on my dp and tagged it “Don’t always believe what you see, it is not what you think”.

trust nobody1

A Christian brother of mine pinged me immediately and said “What kind of display picture is this, are you sure your still representing the Christian faith and a whole lot of other accusations”. This is a brother I look up to, he hasn’t checked on me this year, he didn’t even say hi, he’s first greeting this year was jumping into conclusions on my matter.

trust nobody

Then I put up the complete picture of the one above and after he saw it was not what he thought it was, he then apologized for his approach and also jumping into conclusions. This conversation sets the precedence for this write-up.
Christians are too quick to judge and don’t have a good manner of approach. The way you approach people on any issue matters even more than what you have tell them. Let’s imagine I walk past a bar and see a friend of mine drinking and smoking and walk up him on the spot and say “Hey bro, why are you drinking and smoking, don’t you know that this is not the right place to find a Christian brother like you, this is bad and I am disappointed in you bla bla bla”. This approach puts the person on a defensive and the person feels too ashamed or angry as the case may be to listen to you because he already feels judged.
Instead of that judgmental approach we should approach situations this way. I will walk into the bar and greet him “Hey David, how are you brother, long time, how is family, how is work and then gist a little” and when the time is right , I’ll be like “David I didn’t know you drink beer, you have even finished 4 bottles on your own, hope your fine because this is very unlike you”. With this approach, the person does’t feel judged, the person listens to you and might then open up as to why he is doing what he is doing, maybe he lost his job or he’s wife is giving him wahala at home and then you can render advice but if you jumped into conclusions at first like the first scenario, you have already lost him.
Your manner of approach as a Christian matters to people much more than the amount of tongues you can speak. Be calm, calculated and never be too quick to jump into conclusions.

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  1. kinikanwo says:

    Its really a problem amongst christains and in Nigeria I think d percentage iz highest. We lack manner of approach, overly rude n brute, and always want to b more catholic than the pope. Ever wondered y it was d Jews dat wanted to stone the woman to death.
    Little wonder y Nigerias growth is not geometrical, we hav all it takes but we hide behind d wheels of religion to do all manner of attrocities n Christainity been dominant in Nigeria tells us more.

    We need tell ourselves d truth

    1. “more catholic than the pope”…that was funny and very true and “we hide behind the wheels of religion to do all manner of atrocities” u jus inspired a new topic, I’ll make a draft and send it to you to hear yor opinion before sharing it on the blog. Thanks Kinikanwo

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