Difference between a “Caro” and an “Ada”


A Caro is a type of girl in Nigeria often stereotyped as a bad, naughty, hot girl. So who is a Caro, let’s explore.
The song that made Caro a household name is Stay boy’s Caro featuring Wizkid and L.A.X and from the lyrics of the song we can deduce that Caro has the following features:
1. “Caro your body necessary, Caro dey make my head dey turn, Caro dey make me want to loose am, Caro dey make me wan dey maga”. This part of the lyrics shows that Caro’s body is “to die for”, she has a body to make any sane guy loose it and will turn any man into a maga.
2. “Caro dey fire pass motor, Caro dey fire pass Ferrari, Caro dey give me every morning, Caro dey do she no dey tire, Caro dey want am every minute” which stands to affirm the fact that Caro is dynamic in bed, she is a bed mathematician (if any such thing exists) and can take any guy to “sexual heaven”
3. “Caro fine plenty plenty, Caro sweet she no get enemy, I want spend all my pepper (money)”. This shows that Caro is not only beautiful; she’s sexy and will make any guy spend his pepper to keep her.

On the other hand, an Ada is a feminine name of Germanic origin meaning “the noble kind” and according to the Oxford dictionary noble means “having or showing fine qualities or high moral principles”. Ada in the Nigerian context is a name of Igbo descent given to first daughters of the family.
The song that I’ll use to illustrate the qualities of Ada is Flavour’s Ada Ada and from the lyrics of this song we can deduce that Ada has the following features:
1. “Have you seen my beautiful baby?, have you seen my tomato baby”. From the opening line of the song, we see that an Ada is a beautiful lady and tomato illustrates how soft, juicy, delicate and sweet she is.
2. “Everybody dey wait, puta kene n’ogbo (come to the front)”. This part of the lyrics shows that Ada is worth waiting for, she is a good thing for any man. She is a priced possession not to be hidden but shown to the world. Imagine having getting 95 over 100 in your exams and hiding the paper, same with Ada, she is like a trophy that any guy will be proud to show off.
3. “Better soup na money kill am”. In Nigeria, the more expensive a soup is, in most cases the more stock fish, pomo, meat, kanda, towel and goat tongue is in it..lol, so same applies to Ada, she is worth taking care of and any man will be willing be spend his money on her.

So what are the real life differences between a “Caro” and an “Ada”, check the piece via https://kingkurtissmith.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/find-out-if-your-dating-caro-or-ada-in-caro-vs-ada/ #Enjoy

Stayboy’s Caro (lyrics and song download): http://tinyurl.com/nuguwf2
Flavour’s Ada Ada (lyrics and song download): http://tinyurl.com/nnu6sas

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Georgia Llyod says:

    Quiet hilarious….Ada(better soup na moneyy kill. am ie the better. The soup the. Plentier. The kpomor kanda goat tongue fish meat towel)hehe…..making sense tho fink ma bro will need an Ada fuck Caro.

    1. hahahahaha……we all need a Caro once in a while oo…lol, so I wouldn’t make that statement just yet u know…hehehehe

  2. Lesh J. says:

    Lol! I’d say I’m an “Ada” with occasional “Caro” attitudes…if that makes sense. 😀

    1. hahahahahaha……Lesh is back…whoop whoop….where have you been?…we have missed your comments o. Back to your comment…obviously an Ada and a Caro mixed in the right proportion makes the most amazing wife…..carry go with ur Ada and Caro combination jarey

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