25 Girl’s Secrets


After my last post on “25 Guy’s Secrets” (check here : https://kingkurtissmith.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/25-guys-secrets/if you missed it), most guys felt betrayed and demanded I exposed girls too..lol. So here goes:

1. Girls find it flattering when guys whistle at them on the street but will never show it, it proves the time spent in front of the mirror was worth it after all.lol
2. Girls will more likely fancy a guy that has beautiful or hot ex-girlfriends, it tends to keep them on their feet (if he can get these fine girls, I better behave o.lol)
3. A girl is most likely to notice you if you walk into a place with a hot girl than if you walk in with a range rover on your head sef.lol
4. Most girls will admire a guy for ages, crush on him in their heart, marry him in their dreams sef but will never ever make the first move, but when the guy makes the move, she does the usual “shakara” but in her heart, she’s leaping for joy. Imagine..smh.lol
5. Some girl’s set their boyfriends up with their girlfriend to see if he will cheat and blame him when he does…smh
6. When a girl snubs a guy, it’s not because she doesn’t like you or you ain’t fine enough, most times its usually the guy’s approach that spoils everything for him, or bad timing or in some cases, she’s shy or her hair/makeup is not well done.
8. Girls love it when you can sing and if you can now play a guitar and sing?, she’s following you home…lol
9. Girls hardly know when they like a guy or not but if they don’t hear from you after a while and are disappointed then in most cases they fancy you.
10. Girls love it when you compliment their eyes and hair but when you compliment something they never even knew existed like the way she laughs, or the dimple in her cheeks make when she blushes then you will have her seeing you in her dreams..lol
11. Girls like sex (most I should say) but feel asking for it will make the guy take them for granted so they wait for the guy to make the first move.
12. Girls constantly change their minds and they reserve the right to do so..lol
13. Girls love getting a missed call from you. It makes them feel in control.
14. A girl will notice the sexy girls at a party quicker than she will notice the sexy guys.
15. When a girl goes to visit a toaster or a guy she likes and she is expecting to have sex with him or at least let him get to third base she wears new panties, or red/pink panties (never white panties) and she is clean shaven.
16. Girls are fond of faking orgasms (either to make you happy that you have done a good job or just to get you off of them when they are tired..lol)
17. People say guys are scared of commitments but girls are also scared of commitments too (guys are scared of commitments because they don’t want to be tied to one chick when they are many fishes in the sea as they say but girls are scared of commitments mainly because of heartbreak).
18. Some ladies might insist of paying or sharing the bill on a date but when you don’t insist on paying, it makes you look cheap and so non-chivalrous.
19. Long before you both explored each other’s body, she has already imagine you naked..trust me on this one.
20. Girls in love tend to save chat histories and your SMS’s and read them again and again and in some cases share them with their girlfriends.
21. If a girl doesn’t want to have sex she carries a pad in her bag or tells you she is on her period even when she isn’t. Trust me every girl has used this trick..lol.
22. All girls and I mean all girls have touched another girl’s boobs or ass or at least admired another girl’s body.
23. 7 out of 10 girls have masturbated, and in most cases a girl would rather masturbate than have sex with the wrong guy.
24. When most girls cheat, something is missing or wrong in the relationship she is in. A girl doesn’t cheat for cheating sake.
25. Girls love guys that are good with their tongues (I mean kissing o, I don’t know what you’re thinking..lol).
I am sure you were so engrossed that you forgot number 7 was missing..lol…so here it goes:
7. Girls love to make you a little jealous as it makes them feel wanted and appreciated.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Sylvia Ike says:

    Ur so hilarious!! But I beg to disagree on number 3 😉

    1. We disagree to agree then…..hilarious?..lol…thanks love

  2. Adaobi Chikaodinaka Ozor says:


    1. no vex dear….check 25 Guy’s Secrets to console yourself…lol

  3. Justyna says:

    Lollll…..som r tru nd som arent, for me anyway!

    1. lool……obviously some aren’t as true as others. I am a guy you know not a girl, all na guess work and observation..lol

  4. felicity says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! You are gooood! Though am still to young for most of this. #smiles.

    1. hmmmmm…too young keh?….don’t let me expose you ooo…lol

  5. kenny smith says:

    Keep it rolling man…I remain your number one FAN

    1. Senior bros…..I hail o. Thanks bro

  6. Niyot says:


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