Getting A Girl 101: The Approach


Approaching a girl is not as difficult as many guys think. It is not rocket science, its all about confidence.
Let me put it this way, you see a girl you like and your afraid to walk up to her then I will ask you a question. Can she slap you for coming to say hi? all she can say is no or I am not interested and you move on..SIMPLE.
So for those that have the liver to walk up to a girl, I will give you some pointers to how I walk up to ladies for free (most time na friendship I dey find o, so pls don’t get it

I don’t mean you should have a whole line of discussion memorized, all I am saying is you don’t walk up to a lady with the usual “you look familair” line and not have any other thing to say.There are 3 ways I use in approaching a lady depending on location and a few other circumstances
1. An indirect Opener: This is actually the first toasting style I learnt back in Secondary school, the “can i borrow your biro” style but as maturity demands, we have it twisted to the “sorry, please can you direct me to the nearest police station around here”. Ask for somewhere that will grab her attention, when you think you have her attention, strike up a conversation.
2. A direct Opener: I use this line like no This is when you walk up to a lady and be like “Hi, sorry to disturb but please do you know where the audition for Miss World is holding around here because considering how beautiful you are, it seems you are coming from there”. This is paying a lady a compliment that will make her laugh. Being direct has its advantages but it must be used at the right time.
3. The eye contact opener: This is simply when you make eye contact with a lady especially in a bar, a party (in an enclosed environment), you do something to make her smile and when walk up to her only if you get a positive response from her.

When talking to a lady, never act needy, desperate or nervous. Remember to follow the following guidelines:
1. Maintain eye contact: A strong eye contact is necessary in keeping a girl focused on you. Remember I said eye contact and I mean eye-to-eye contact not eye-to boobs contact, even if her boobs are bigger than your head, a girl will always know when your admiring her assets and that might be a turn off.
2. Positive body language: By puffing your chest out, pulling your shoulders back and maintaining an alpha stance you will come across as a leader, so she will be more susceptible which means a girl will be more willing to listen to a guy that looks in charge than a guy biting his lips and standing like a moron.
3. Maintain a calm voice: Don’t rush your lines. Learn to speak in a calm low voice and speak slowly (shows your the boss), rushing your lines makes you look needy and unconfident.
4. Make her laugh: It is not a do or die affair my brother, be jovial, make her laugh and your half way to getting her number or pin (as the case may be).

When talking to a lady, don’t spend all day man. Get straight to the point and get out but if you see she’s very much interested in your convo then by all means indulge her but this is the secret to time consciousness, tell her from the onset that you are gonna be brief, this helps in two ways:
1. Firstly, letting her know your not gonna take much of her time helps negate the “I am busy, or I am in a hurry” line that most girls use to get out of a conversation, she will be more willing to listen to you because she knows your not going to take much of her time.
2. Secondly, she sees you as a time concious individual who knows what he wants and doesn’t “beat around the bush” to get it.

In conclusion:
1. As the Bible even says “there is time for everything”, don’t walk up a girl that looks like she is late for something or busy with something.
2. Never forget her name, if you have to cram it, do so.
3. She says NO is not the end of the world, repackage and come again (persistence will in most cases pay off)

Oya, let’s go get that


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10 Comments Add yours

  1. ladyrella says:

    Lol…funny write up and very true. I like it.

    1. hmmmmmm….i seeeee!!!!…..thanks dear

  2. Great write up CJ. Keep it up.

    1. Awwwwwwww….thank you Aunty. God bless you ma and Happy New Year to you ma

  3. Gbeminiyi Ojetola says:

    Wow, what a clue…. Thumbs up bro.

    1. lol..oya go get that babe joh..

  4. jerry brown says:

    I spent about 2hours of d nyt reading all of your write up and I must say great job you are doing here. Please don’t drop the fire/spirit. Will always remain your fan. Nice speed for a 3day old blogger. Keep it coming Bro.

    1. WOW!!!!….2 hours of your time reading my baby blog?. I am honored Sir. Thank you very much. God bless

  5. fullhaose says:

    I have always hoped for the time U’d begin your blog. This is sure one to stay glued to.

    Ur artarticlearticle made sense. I particularly felt tje depth of thought about the miss world rythme. But guys be sure she’s worth the compliments.

    1. lol…..exactly, most times if the compliment doesn’t match her looks, you just look stupid and too desperate.
      Thanks bro…stay tuned

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