25 Guy’s Secrets


The title of this piece explains itself so let’s dive straight into the deep end.

1. Guys like girls on makeup but when you have to retouch your makeup every 5 minutes, shows your too obsessed on your looks and makes you look unconfident.
2. Very smart guys calculate a girl’s menstrual flow so as not to invite her over when she’s on her period.
3. A guy toasting a girl might be a bet or a dare from his friend(s) like I bet u N10k u can’t sleep with that girl.
4. Guys will never understand why girls spend so much time in the bathroom, what are you washing pls?..lol
5. Some guys actually practice what to say b4 walking up to a lady. I remember when I had to practice some lines in order to talk to a girl and after gathering liver, I forgot everything…lol
6. Guys know their priorities so if your boyfriend claims “too busy” to check on you then most likely he’s not into you anymore…jus saying.
7. A guy wouldn’t kiss a girl on the forehead unless he means it (mind you a kiss on the forehead means “I adore you”)
8. Guys find it cute when your a messy eater (indoors pls..lol)
9. Guys get uncomfortable at times with too much attention, no matter how preety you are too much attention to a guy will get him uncomfortable and most times they take advantage of you.
10. Most guys and I mean over 80% like lesbians and hate gays. I think I know why (don’t even ask..lol) but I promise yo that this is 100% true.
11. 8 in 10 guys have masturbated,its like a ritual to some even after having sex with a girl now now.
12. Guys find it difficult apologizing even if they are at fault. It hurts their ego.
13. Guys like girls that can go on unconventional dates like instead of Mr. Biggs or KFC, you suggest we go eat at a ‘mama put’.
14. When most guys cheat, its not because they don’t love their gf, but cos they just can’t control ‘jimmy’ down there..lol.
15. Guys like girls that are confident of their body whether fat or slim or in between.
16. Guys like girls that are upfront about their feelings, don’t pretend and do too much ‘shakara’.
17. Before you come visiting, guys have the following prepared:
a. Room or the house is very well cleaned.
b. Drinks are available (alcohol will be one of them)
c. A pack of condom is bought and well hidden (just incase..lol)
d. A romantic movie is always available.
e. Finally, there is always an excuse to get you into his room (don’t fall for it..lol)
18. Guys find it cute when a girl has a big appetite (indoors pls), like you come over and you want to eat the whole pot not in KFC and want to finish my money oo.lol
19. Guys love it when they can make you laugh, makes them feel like Basket Mouth’s brother..lol
20. Guys like it when a girl can laugh freely. The louder the better.
21. Guys like girls that are funny and can crack jokes too..its a big turn on.
22. Guys like it when you show them off to your girlfriends, makes them feel like Superman. One of a guy’s proudest moments.
23. Guys like it when a girl makes the first move (sexually).
24. Guys love and I mean love girls that can play games (pls video games oo.lol).
25. Most guys will sleep with a friend of yours that gives him the opportunity so therefore don’t introduce your friend to your boyfriend..lol (just kidding), just be careful and watch the kind of friends your boyfriend meets.


13 Comments Add yours

  1. anonymous says:

    Nice and tru

    1. ooo yeah?…lol..thanks dear

  2. Sylvia Ike says:

    Expert advisor!! Ur too mush!

    1. Expert kwa?….you have come again o…lol…thanks love

  3. kenny smith says:

    Baba u too much…All hail king kurtis smith

    1. Senior brother…Oga Smith..thank you Sir

  4. Happydoll says:

    Nice nice nice.


    1. thanks thanks thanks….I appreciate

  5. felicity says:

    HmMmmm thanks so much for these tips.

    1. Your very welcome ma

  6. Gbeminiyi Ojetola says:

    Curtis we are waiting for “100 Ladies secret”….. Anticipating

    1. 100?…haba, you want me to start hiding in girl’s hostels all in a bid to 100 of their secrets..lol

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