What does my “English” name mean?


Naming a child is very important and most times determines the child’s destiny.
For example, Luther is a Germanic name and it means soldier of the people, and we know how Martin Luther King (Jnr) fought for the civil right movement in the US. Also Mahatma means ‘great soul” and no one can refute the greatness of Mahatma Gandhi. Talking about Jesus, remember an angel appeared to Mary and instructed her specifically to name her unborn child Jesus, why didn’t God let them name the child any name that came to their minds. Also in the Bible, God changed Abram’s name to Abraham (father of many nations) and Jacob to Israel which also shows that God Himself knows the importance a name carries.

Therefore, the era of naming a child because the name sounds good or popular should be outdated by now. Nigerian’s have so called “English names” but very few know the meaning of those names or even the origins.
I have googled up a few names, their origins and their meanings.

Juliet is of Latin origin and it means “youthful” while Linda is of Spanish origin meaning “beautiful”.
Charles is of French origin and it means Free man while Franklin is of English origin & it also means Free man or Freeholder.
Amanda is a latin word meaning “deserves to be loved” while Stephanie is of French origin meaning “crown”. Stella is of Latin origin & it means “star” & Sandra is of Greek origin & its short for Alexandra meaning “protector of man”. Samantha is of Hebrew origin and it means “Listener of God/Heard from God” while Samuel is the male version of Samantha.
Boo is a term that is derived from the French word “beau” meaning beautiful so for those dat call their boyfriend or girlfriend boo, now you know the meaning..lol. Georgia which is of Greek origin means “farmer, tiller of the soil”, now imagine someone naming his child Georgia while Adrian is of Latin origin meaning “black or dark”.

Names are very important, to play it safe, be like most Yorubas and just name your child traditional names and leave English names to the Western culture.

N.B: To check the meaning of your name google it up like this “Stella name meaning”. Enjoy

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  1. precious says:

    Yoruba kids this days bear english names i can possibly understnd why they choose them. E.g prejudice,honour,callisa,royal 4 the boys and royale 4 the girls. I do agree names affect us but positively and negatively.

    1. I love the Yorubas jarey…most Yoruba friends I know don’t have English names, maybe this trend of Yoruba people naming their kids English names is modern and yes, names are very powerful bro…thanks

  2. Georgia Llyod says:

    The name stella means*the promised star*i mean nat jezt. A. Star##n for the name Georgia*SMH*so changing it even old women do nat knw ma name anymore they juss c me on d street n scream GEOGIA….bad bad new year new name am nat a farmer n don’t wanna b

    1. Promised Star shey?…no wahala, I will edit it asap and as for your name, you know say I am not a big fan of that Georgia name, you beta change am to the name wey your mama give you Stella. xxx

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